BREAKING: A Texas Grand Jury Is Thinking Of Pursuing Deshaun Watson With ANOTHER Sexual Misconduct Charge, The Details Of Which Are Greasy AF

Mar 24, 2022

VIA New York Times

A grand jury in Brazoria County in Texas is considering evidence related to a 10th accusation of sexual misconduct against Deshaun Watson, the former Houston Texans quarterback who was traded to the Cleveland Browns just days ago, according to lawyers for the complainant and for Watson.

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, where Houston is, rejected nine criminal cases against Watson this month. But a 10th criminal complaint filed with the Houston Police Department described an alleged incident outside the jurisdiction of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

The case, in Brazoria County, south of Houston, is the last known criminal case pending against Watson. The complainant, who was a massage therapy student at the time, told the police that Watson ejaculated on her in a November 2020 massage appointment. Her lawyer, Tony Buzbee, said he expected the grand jury to deliberate and issue a decision on Thursday or Friday.

The latest grand jury proceeding was first reported by Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland.

The publicly available police report was heavily redacted but said that the complainant told the police in April 2021 that Watson had “touched her with his penis and ejaculated causing semen to touch her arm and hand.” The police listed the offence under investigation as indecent assault, a class A misdemeanour in Texas punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $4,000.

You don’t say? Funny enough on the podcast a couple of days ago Lochlin joked when talking to Ray about the Watson allegations saying:

“well 22 times maybe he didn’t do but, but 23 we are going to have to take another look”. Obviously, Locher was being facetious because 22 allegations of the same nature generally mean the person is guilty.

The details of this one however are really greasy.

The complaint reads that Watson touched her with his penis and ejaculated causing semen to touch her arm and hand. It’s banana land to me that 22 allegations (now 23) of sexual misconduct didn’t hurt this guy’s trade value at all. I MEAN AT ALL. There was a bidding war for the fucker.


I’ll leave you with this, Dan Patrick of the Dan Patrick Show said something interesting the other day. He spoke with 2 former NFL players who played in the league for 10+ seasons and asked in their career how many massage therapists they had. The answer. 1.

My dude is like a serial massage ejaculator it seems. Good thing no NFL team gave him an opportunity. Oh, wait…the Cleveland Browns gave him a quarter of a billion dollars and restructured his deal so he only makes 1 million in 2022/23. Just in case he gets suspended he doesn’t lose money.

The NFL ladies and gentlemen.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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