Breaking: “Actor” Rob Schneider Cancels Canadian Show Because “Canadian Nazis.” LOLZ…

Sep 28, 2023

In the words of Jimmy Blundell, “Some people’s kids.”

Like Russel Brand’s heel turn, I wonder what Rob’s hiding other than what used to be a career.

What he’s hiding is “lagging ticket sales,” so both fans should get their $22.50 (CDN) back. Maybe. Depends on if Rob needs the $46 (CDN)

Rob’s part of the “trust no one and everything is a conspiracy crew.” They need someone to blame for their failure so blaming that fucked up standing O of Nazi SS member Jaroslav Hunka and Canada as a country full of nazi lovers is perfect for Rob and Rob’s Fan(s).

You can hide failure behind Nazisim/Pedo conspiracy theories in 2023. it’s a well-known strategy plan popularized by Trump and anyone who can’t believe life has consequences. You can only blame the woke mob, Nazis, and imaginary Pedos for so long before you offer proof of your failure, which we figured out for Rob yesterday when he made the “shocking announcement” LOL.

Rob has a series of dates with 1-2k seat venues in the US booked over the next few months if you care. There are PLENTY of available seats ranging from $20-45 USD.

Or you can watch him pretend to be a political pundit on Fox News for free. That’s always a laugh.

What a time to be alive.






Dean Blundell

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