Breaking: Canadian Press Gives Poilievre a Pass

Jason Pugh Aug 1, 2023

Well, it’s official.

I guess my headline might be a bit misleading because is it really “breaking news” when the obvious thing you expect to happen next actually happens?

Earlier today, Pierre Poilievre held another presser where the press didn’t press him on what should be the most pressing issue. That being the issue of him paying off the lawyer for the “whistleblower” who took out his rival for the Conservative Party leadership, Patrick Brown.

Can you technically call a person a whistleblower when it all turned out to be bullshit?

Sure, they asked him about it last week, and since then, a Liberal MP has asked for a probe into the matter.

Liberal MP seeking probe into Poilievre campaign’s support to whistle-blower

You’d think that this career-ending (*for a Liberal) scandal would merit more than a blip from Canadian media.

It seems like it’s just going to disappear altogether.

Hey, to those in Canadian Media: Do you ever wonder why the hashtag “#cdnmediafailed” exists?

I’ll give ya one hint!

I guess, if you’re lucky, the Prime Minister might go surfing or sing in a piano bar again. That’ll be worth hours of talking heads on the TV.

The state of the Canadian press is truly depressing.


Jason Pugh

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