Breaking: Elon Is Cancelling “Free Lunch” At Twitter HQ. Broken: Twitter Employees Were Getting $400 Free Lunches

Nov 13, 2022

Yeah, so Elon is 100 here.

Name another place that gave free lunches away for 12 years in a building that’s been largely empty for the last two years.

I’m still firmly on Team “Elon is fucking this up,” but the entitlement of a dude who’s gobsmacked about the tyranny of free lunch being canceled has to be a joke, right?

Elon is in the middle of burning through billions; he needs to cut costs where he can, and he’s targeting the omelet and sandwich stations at Twitter HQ. Less than 10% of Twitter’s employees worked at HQ, and lunches cost $400 per person, so he canceled free lunch.

That’s just common sense.

Andrew Wortman needs to relax and spend a few weeks serving lunch at a soup kitchen. The horror of Elon’s cancelation of free food for all Twitter employees tells me they are soft AF and had it too good for too long. It also explains why Elon sends “get back to fucking work or else” emails to Twitter employees worldwide.

When he does, it looks like employees complain and misrepresent the request, which is happening in multiple countries.

If you’ve watched an episode of Silicon Valley, you can kind of side with Musk when it comes to “de-woking” the process of entitled employees who work at dot coms like Twitter.

Using the cancelation of free lunches as a weapon is a joke to people who brown bag it on a 12-hour construction shift.

That’s what ordinary people do.

Or they buy lunch and appreciate it because they worked for it.






Dean Blundell

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