Breaking: Elon Musk Just Fired Twitter’s CEO And CFO – Had Them Frog Marched Out Of The Building.

Oct 28, 2022

Here we go.

Elon’s first note as the official owner of Twitter is incredible. It hits all the tropes, and I got the feeling he’s looking to help improve this sewer and the world.

Variety:The mega-billionaire’s $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter — following a six month saga during which Musk tried to back out of the pact and Twitter sued to enforce his buyout — officially closed Thursday, according to multiple reports. The world’s richest individual immediately fired several senior execs, including CEO Parag Agrawal; CFO Neg Segal; Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of legal, policy and trust, and safety; and general counsel Sean Edgett, the New York Times reported.

Representatives for Twitter did not respond to requests for comment. Musk, who currently has more than 110 million followers on Twitter, has not commented on the deal closing.

I gotta be honest. When you buy a company, you always fire everyone and bring in your guys. Still, if I knew Elon, he probably enjoyed firing everyone involved in making any major decision at Twitter.

Also, Elon’s “Let that sink in” video when he strolled through his new offices, like the conquering nerd of the century, may well be the most excellent troll job in the history of troll jobs.

You can say many things about Elon, which are probably true, including the shit about the German Schizer clubs, but you can’t say he isn’t revolutionary. And he’ll revolutionize Twitter.

If Musk puts a kill order on the bot algorithms and verifies real people, brands, and businesses, he’ll make a believer out of everyone. He’ll ride high on the goodwill and maybe add some rewards, commerce, and functionality you’ll dig.

I like that Elon’s the guy who’d use Twitter to tell Trudeau to shove his algorithm-free speech bullshit with Bill C-11. I’m not a free speech absolutist, but I do side with Musk based on what he claims to be necessary. There needs to be a non-manipulated experience on Twitter that encourages conversations instead of the preventive bullshit that crushes the spirit of dialogue that would typically destroy the dumb idea anyway.

But he’s fucking LOOSE, so who knows. We might see a steady stream of Joe Rogan ads, “Tesla Can Do No Wrong” stories, and Donald Trump’s return. Which I’d applaud based on content and only content.



Dean Blundell

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