Best Of 2020: Looks Like They Are Finally Going To #ArrestRandyHillier

Ryan Lindley Dec 29, 2022
Hi Randy.

According to a tweet from Joe Warmington, Randy Hillier is likely smoking as many darts as he can get in this evening, and probably reflecting on some choices he’s made over the last little bit.

Oh Randers. You’ve got a LOT of explaining to do tomorrow. Like, how posting pictures of ammunition with thinly veiled connections to asshole occupation enthusiasts, to telling everyone that we need to “die on this hill” in your foiled attempt at a January 6th style hillbilly fest in our capital city. Dude, you fucked up. Bad.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here, but I bet the police didn’t take kindly to you telling your former 50,000+ twitter following to flood the Ottawa Emergency Services 9-1-1 service with bullshit reports.

We’re definitely following this one and will have more as the story unfolds. I can’t wait to report the fundraiser when that grift starts. I give it 48-72 hours.



Ryan Lindley

Ryan Lindley is a dad, husband, hack chef & Host of The Lindz Report. He's also the curator of 'Ryan Lindley's: Getting Sauced' on the Network. Hobbies include exposing grifters and debunking pseudoscience. You can find him over by the BBQ, or yelling on twitter @RyanLindley.

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