Nazem Kadri Suspended For The Rest Of The Series For Crosscheck On Jake DeBrusk

Shug McSween Apr 15, 2019

Nazem Kadri doesn’t like playoff hockey, as for the second straight year he’s done something stupid to find himself in a suit for his teams’ most important games of the season. Kadri has been jacked for the remainder of the series against Boston by the NHL for his vicious cross-check on Jake DeBrusk.

Patty Marleau was totally fine after DeBrusk rode him into the turnbuckle, and Kadri should never have gone after DeBrusk. Now the Leafs will likely move Willy Nylander and his brain farts to 3rd line centre, in a move that could spark the Swede. Expect the boys in blue to come out flying tonight in Toronto. The Kadri-less Maple Leafs will need a big game from 34 and 91 to pick up the slack left from the cross-checking Kadri. It’s nice having Tavares in the mix this time around, isn’t it Leafs Nation?

Brutal play and Kadri got what he deserved. This, however, earlier in the game, Kadri did not deserve at all….

If you are wondering why so many games…..


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