Breaking: Pat King’s Bail Hearing Was A DISASTER

Mar 18, 2022

Pat King is fucked.

He had his much talked about bail hearing today and after firing his old lawyer, his new lawyers didn’t show up to Zoom court today because Pat didn’t pay them their retainer.

As I said, Pat King is fucked, aaaaand, that gives me a schadenfreude boner.



Became this, because Pat King didn’t pay his new lawyers after firing his old lawyer, Cal Rosemond leaving Pat King with ZERO lawyers for a VERY important bail hearing in federal court.


(I guess the new Pat King Government is going to have to wait, huh?)

I may have seen the Zoom court session after someone may have sent me the link.  The funniest part of the hearing that I may have watched?  When the court called the Lawyers during the Zoom session to remind them to join Zoom court for their client and they didn’t answer the phone.  This may have happened during the Zoom call and it may have been the funniest, most uncomfortable 60 seconds of my life.

According to some, Pat was moved to a different unit because he can’t stop crying and the guys in the other unit won’t stop fucking with his prosthetic leg.  Unless he pays his Lawyers by Monday he won’t have representation for Monday’s NEW scheduled hearing, he’ll be staying in jail for a LONG time.

It makes me happy to see terrible things happen to terrible fucking people who don’t give a shit about the greater good.  So Fuck Stick can rot there in his own stench until his actual trial.  The only people who give a shit about Pat King’s well-being still don’t give a fuck about yours, so don’t bother conjuring empathy for this grease stain.

Watch videos like this if you need a healthy reminder of why Pat King watching his dick get smaller in jail is a good thing.

For all the legal-speak Pat draped himself in on social media over the years, I can’t figure out why the legal genius doesn’t just represent himself.  Seems like this is what great legal minds like Pat were born for.

If he practices not pluralizing ‘You(s) guys’ a judge MIGHT even take him seriously.

I don’t hate to see this.  At all.



Dean Blundell

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