BREAKING: Woman Arrested After Threatening To Assassinate Canadian PM Justin Trudeau In A Live Stream

Oct 19, 2023

Five days ago, we reported on a group of drunk hillbillies threatening to assassinate Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in a live stream?

Marley was charged for her repeated statements threatening to kill Justin Trudeau (they now say tricky Libs edited it). LOLZ

Sask Today: RCMP have charged Saskatoon woman Marly Dansereau with uttering threats to cause harm or death to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As first reported by CBC Saskatchewan, RCMP say that they got a report of the alleged online threat on Oct. 13 and arrested 25-year-old Dansereau on Oct. 18.

Dansereau is scheduled to appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court on Nov. 23.  If found guilty, she could face up to five years in prison.

Let’s get into the Crier Media time machine and go for a rip! This was “Marley” last week (pay attention to drunk Darren’s attempt to get into her big old pants with gas money):

Fockin’ Rights!!! She’d have “killed the MF if someone covered her shift.”

I’m hearing a few other on the original live stream have also been visited by the RCMP for their roll in planning to assassinate PM Trudeau during one of the least entertaining live streams I’ve every watched.

Marley was visited by RCMP a day later. They asked her nicely to stop threatening to kill people (in this case, the Prime Minster). She promptly went back on a live stream and did it again because “other people say stuff on lives, and my boss already knew, so I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking, DEEEEEERRRP.”

Well, that did it, and now Marley has been charged with threatening to kill the PM multiple times (It’s illegal to threaten to kill anyone in Canada, BTW), and her chain-smoking, bingo-calling, diabetic friend group thinks the videos were edited. It’s the fault of the LIBS. OF COURSE!!

Owning the LIBS comes with 5 years of jail time when you threaten to kill the Liberal leader. That’s not political persecution. Those are consequences detailed in Cnada’s criminal code. FYI.

The noose around the necks of stupid fucking hillbilies like Marley, Darren, or anyone else who likes to get fucking hammered and talk about killing people online? Their IQ and inability to do simple math or regulate their emotions. They’re too stupid to think threatening to murder someone is wrong.

Personal responsibility doesn’t live in the victim industry. And you have to be stupid not to know you can’t threaten someone’s life publicly. We’re living through a new pandemic. A Pandemic of Stupid People, and there’s a shit for that. The “Stupid People = New Pandemic” line is out now! Click that link and stand up for less hateful people with an IQ above 11. Buy this shirt and tell your friends to buy one, too!

Are you happy that Marley and others are being held accountable for threatening to kill people/politicians? Consider the “Schadenfreude Line” complete with this SICK black hoodie. All money goes to support us doing stuff like this for a long time. 😉


Dean Blundell

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