Brittlestar is a Canadian gem and you need to add him to your life!

brentonontour Apr 6, 2023

Not only that, but he’s generous with his time and supportive to people like myself that are relaunching a brand so you can learn a little bit!

Yep, this wonderful human took the time this week to appear on Crier Media’s Do.Did.Will “The Story of People” Podcast and told some fond tales!

His video’s have been viewed over 600 Million times on all the platforms and yet, he still makes time to chat about his journey and where he might take it next?

Gems like this:

and this:

He broke on VINE (remember that?) and then had start from scratch when it was wiped off the planet. He did some content for Disney and tried to grow a beard. He was a must watch over the pandemic with his very obvious takes on the the anti science community (start the debates, I don’t care really), and he decided to write a book and go on tour to do a series of gigs talking to Grain Farmers from around the globe to help them understand comedy just a little bit better.

What does Brittlestar “Do?”

How “Did” he do it?

What “Will” he do next?

All this and more on this week’s episode! Listen HERE


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