Buckle Up Ladies And Gentlemen We Have Ourselves A Good Ol Fashion ‘Battle Of Alberta’ In Round 2 Of The Stanley Cup Playoffs

May 16, 2022

Well well well. Looks like we are going to have Western Canada’s version of the subway series in the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Battle Of Alberta. The Battle of Alberta hasn’t happened in a playoff series since 1991. Oilers and Flames superstars like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl and Johnny Hockey weren’t even born when Edmonton last played Calgary in the playoffs.

Lochlin should be writing this article but he’s old AF so it would take him until the series is over to finish it. Yes, the Calgary Flames will be taking on the Edmonton Oilers in the second round.

Let’s take a quick look and see how both teams got here, shall we?

Johnny Hockey sends Calgary to the second round with a real ugly goal from the side of the net in overtime against the Dallas Stars. They all count so I know no one in Calgary is complaining.

And of course, Connor ‘McJesus’ McDavid, who was nothing short of spectacular in Edmonton’s game 7 victory over the Los Angeles Kings.

We all want it to go 7 games for the sheer enjoyment of an amazing series. Both teams were extremely well-matched when they played this year. They met four times during the regular season, with each team winning twice. Edmonton scored 16 goals across those four games while Calgary scored 17.

Oh, baby. This series is going to be appointment-watching for sure. It’s no secret that these two teams do not like each other. There have been 5 other ‘Battle Of Alberta’s and Gretzky’s Oilers dominated them all.

1983 division finals: Oilers won 4–1
1984 division finals: Oilers won 4–3
1986 division finals: Flames won 4–3
1988 division finals: Oilers won 4–0
1991 division finals: Oilers won 4–3

Speaking of Gretzky. He may have given his Oilers the kiss of death. Gretsky himself predicted at the start of the playoffs that the Flames would beat the Oilers if the teams met in the second round.

Damn Wayne. How could you?

In any case, I am going to GLUED to the TV for every game of this series.

Oh, by the way Alberta. Feel like going to one of these games. Good luck. Tickets sold out in 30 seconds and if you want to buy resale be prepared to mortgage the house.


Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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