Buffalo Sabres Set Embarrassing Record Missing Playoffs For 11th Straight Season

Apr 7, 2022

Sometimes the world gives you perfect opportunities, and you just have to say thank you. I am not a huge hockey fan. Some people would say that my hockey fandom registerester a zero. However, the Buffalo Sabers being eliminated from the playoffs for an NHL-record 11th straight season is fucking awsome. 

Yesterday, I decided to have a little fun with Buffalo Bills fans, and 95% of the Bills Mafia got what I was doing.

I’m a New England Patriots fan, and I’ve made it my mission to try and run up the Bills salary cap… On Twitter… It’s fun. The responses are fantastic, and it’s even funnier when they click on my profile and find out I’m not a Buffalo fan. There were also some pretty witty comebacks. 

Some people took it personally, and one comic book store in California tried to attack my “beloved” Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Sabres didn’t even have to be on the ice to celebrate their new NHL-record. While sitting at home, the Washington Capitals beat the Tampa Bay Lightning and ended Buffalo’s miserable season.


Karma’s a bitch, and I’m sure my time will come. But for the moment, I’m just enjoying this little victory. The Sabres had a pretty good month of March, even securing themselves 10-wins. Based on my research (Twitter), it was enough to give Sabres fans hope. That’s never a good place to be. Any time a professional sports team gives you hope, they’re more than likely going to let you down. 

Truthfully, I didn’t write this blog to rub it in the face of Sabres fans. I have no issue with Buffalo sports fans. I wrote this for one comic book store who decided to bring hockey into a football fight.

But hey, at least you can say Buffalo set another playoff record.

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