Built For Buffalo: Josh Allen Was Apparently Laughing Like A Crazy Person Every Time He Got Hit Vs The Rams

Sep 9, 2022

This man is built to be the Buffalo Bills quarterback. Buffalo is a blue-collar town. The residents wake up every day with blue lunch pails and go to work. They need a QB who embodies that toughness and grit. Enter Josh Allen.

According to running back Devin Singletary Josh Allen was laughing like a maniac every time he got hit last night by the Los Angeles Rams. Yes, you heard that right. He was laughing after getting hit by the likes of Aaron Donald, Jaylen Ramsay and Bobby Wagner. 3 hall of Famers.

A lot of exports are worried about how much Josh Allen runs and how he puts himself in compromising positions. I say screw them, he is built different. Josh Allen is built Buffalo.

I think we need to make that a t-shirt. What do you think #BillsMafia?

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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