Can someone tell Doug Ford 100 Ontarians died from COVID this week? Thanks.

Sep 2, 2022

I’m not going to rage farm about vaccines, boosters, and civic responsibility. I’m just going to ask you to send this to every Ontario government official who smiles through new construction press conferences while 97 human beings died from COVID-19 in Ontario this week.

Yahoo News: Ontario is reporting 97 more deaths linked to COVID-19 over the past seven days, up from 89 the week prior.

It’s the highest number of deaths recorded in a week since the seventh wave began. Just four weeks ago, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore told reporters the latest wave of the virus, driven by the BA.5 Omicron subvariant, had peaked. The province has said the seventh wave officially began June 19.

Deaths are considered a “lagging indicator,” one of a number of severe outcomes that can continue to rise even after a wave peaks.

While deaths have increased, hospitalizations have dropped.

Newly released data from the Ontario Ministry of Health on Thursday shows the number of people in hospital with the virus has also decreased from 1,354 last week to 1,245 as of Thursday.

The number of people in intensive care due to COVID-19 also decreased to 135 from 146 last week. Of those in intensive care, 47 patients are on a ventilator, also a lower number than last week.

COVID-19 patients in Ontario hospitals and ICUs

Test positivity on Thursday however was 11.3 per cent, similar to last week’s reported number of 11 per cent.

Positivity rates are based on the number of people who test for the virus. This past January, the province moved to limit PCR testing to high-risk populations and settings only.

Experts have said reported case counts are a severe underestimate of the actual extent of COVID-19 infections in Ontario.

Omicron-specific vaccine arrives

Meanwhile, Ontario’s health minister Sylvia Jones said the province will receive its first delivery of Omicron-targeting vaccines next week.

There’s been ZERO mention of 100 lost souls this week. Nothing. MSM outlets have to DIG and BEG for COVID mortality numbers now, thanks to Ontario’s Conservative Government’s inability to give a single shit about human life.

Last week, Doug forced pretend Dr. Kieran Moore to drop isolation restrictions so he could fill up those hospital beds and kill the week. He wants to remove every opportunity you and I have not to infect people at work. In return, he gets to send sick patients to his friend’s for-profit long-term care homes so they can qualify for government subsidies.

But no one ever mentions the dead. And we’re dying at a record rate.

It seems like a great time to drop isolation restrictions. Doug’s next trick? Forcing employees back to work to prop up commercial real estate and the construction industry.

We’re in the best portion of the pandemic if you’re vaxxed.

A new omicron-specific vaccine is on the way; we’ve had almost three years to learn how to mitigate risk on our own. You should be able to figure this shit out between vaccines and taking a little extra time to make decisions in your family’s best interest.

One hundred families found that out this week. Per capita, the majority were unvaccinated and had co-morbidities. We don’t know the ages of the dead, who they are, who they leave behind, or what we can learn from them. They are just numbers, and Doug Ford won’t even do them/us the justice of being a cautionary tale by releasing that information.

There’s no learning from this anymore. Ontario’s Government doesn’t care about the human cost. They never did. You’re just a means to an end; the less you know, the better.

The shitty part is that some people are happier that way.



Dean Blundell

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