Video: Pierre Poilievre’s Real Name Is Jeff And “Jeff” Is Canada’s Big Lie. Roll The Tape!!!!

Nov 24, 2023

Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the alt-right conservative party of Canada, forced all party members to vote against future aid for Ukraine. in a hat tip to his Boss’s best friend, Vladimir Putin. The same authoritarian dictator who is directly responsible for murdering 400k Ukrainian/Russian men, women, and children since the conflict started?


MP Karina Gould gave the short strokes of the vote. It was a free trade bill to help rebuild Ukraine and continue to offer aid and support to the people of Ukraine.

PeePee has a commanding digital lead because no one knows who he is. If you did, he wouldn’t be here. If the election were held today, there’s a decent chance the little fascist Putin asset would become the leader of Canada – with a majority to do whatever the fuck he wants with your tax dollars and the democratic process in Canada.

Voting against a Ukraine aid bill isn’t just a hat tip to like-minded theocratic fuckwads in Canada; it’s a fealty thing to his Boss’s (Former PM Stephen Harper’s) best friend, Vladimir Putin. By voting against support for the Ukrainian people, he’s gobbling the knob of a genocidal authoritarian dictator. That was the point.

Pierre Poilievre Doesn’t Just Lie, He Is A Lie

He lied about why he forced a no-vote on Ukraine aid (of course, he lied about it). Fuck Face says it’s because the deal forced Ukraine into a carbon tax (Ukraine already has a carbon tax) as part of the deal. It’s one of those lies that was outed as soon as his sexually confused mouth started moving.


Now you see why he refuses to submit to national security background checks. If he does, he’s fucked. Toast. He and his party have been funneling money and support from foreign governments and organizations into efforts to convince Canadians he’s not a security threat (he is) and parading fascism as freedom. With that vote, he pulled the pin on the idea he gives a shit about Canadian Ukranians or the well-being of a country fighting fascism for the world.

Pierre IS A Lie. 

Populism is a funny thing when the populism effort isn’t popular at all. For the past several years, religious conservatives from alt-right parties around the world have been globalizing their attempt to misinform and radicalize citizens into thinking liberalism is a disease. The grift works. Mainly when you target dumb fucks who think Jesus or Allah are saviors and keys to eternal life. Fear porn works with people who are afraid to die. In essence, he’s only popular with OTHER pieces of shit who want the same thing he does—the death of democracy.

So, he lies to those dumb people, and they believe the lies because they are dumb. You HAVE to be dumb to believe in the afterlife.

He lied about why he forced Conservative party members to vote for the ongoing Genocide of the Ukrainian people.

He lied for fear porn points yesterday when he deemed the Rainbow Bridge car crash as a terror attack, insinuating the current government wasn’t keeping Canadians safe.

Because Fox News said so, Pierre (Jeff) isn’t allowed to receive security briefings because Canadian law enforcement knows he and his family are compromised liars for real.

He constantly lies to Canadians about inflation, food prices, housing, social plans, and affordability for fear porn points daily.

The fucking authoritarian twerp even lies about his crowd sizes full of crisis actors and other SUPER dumb white supremacists who think he’ll save their front-of-the-line white privilege.


He lies about his name (Jeff ) and where he’s from (adopted son of another religious zealot), who he’s married to (questionable “banking” family from Venezuela)

He lies about his entire history because he has to.

He lies about who he is, where he’s from, what he believes, how he dresses, and what he wants for Canada. If he doesn’t lie, he’s unelectable. Maybe his BIGGEST lie (other than his name and family origin) is the idea he refuses to get his top-secret NSICOP clearance.

.Dumb people prefer words to works. Abrahamic faith zealots (Christians and Muslim extremists), larping for a non-existent afterlife, will believe anything false prophets tell them. PeePee’s pivot to old-stock Christian conservative values in a secular democracy gets him access to the global MAGA/Fascist/Neocon/Religious Conservative authoritarian club. Putin, Orban, Harper, ETC. They see these lies and hat tips to their global authoritarian interests as a job well done. Fear porn is created from narratives that fit the fascist globalist agenda. It gins up his theocratic base, who are too fucking stupid to apply reason or critical thought to anything because their “eternal life” is at stake. To an Abrahamic cult member, nothing they do on earth matters as long as they are warriors/martyrs for their god (small G because no one’s been able to prove shit). Lying, fear porn, killing others in the name of their god. It all plays.

Who better to radicalize into being meme warriors than fuckwits who think the Bible or Qoran is an operating system for living and their key to a magic internal kingdom with other dumb fucks who made life on earth an afterthought? The same books that tell their subjects to throw gay people off of mountains and to prepare for the end times and a holy war against nonbelievers?

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is Vladimir Putin. His campaign of Genocide is being carried out under the umbrella and approval of the Christian Orthodox Church of Russia. The central belief system of global Christians nets Putin and his apologists the connective tissue to allow for the recruitment of other dumb fucks and authoritarians who want the same thing. Massive power is in the hands of a select few who need lies, religion, and fear to obtain power. They want Christ and the Abrahamic conservative God to be the head of all world governments, as told in their “Bibles.” They believe in the prophecy of the end times and one world government under a God, but there’s ZERO proof. Like, none.

And they don’t give a fuck who they have to hurt, kill or lie to make it happen because their on a mission from their unprovable gods to wipe out the Devil’s little helpers (anyone who doesn’t beleive what they believe). They live a lie, so they’ll believe lies when they come from any liar whose lies their ideology aligns with.

Updated: Pierre covers his lies with more lies and abusive behavior to hide those lies. 

PeePee went complete DJT Nuclear stuttering douchebag yesterday. He was asked why he lied, calling the  Niagara Bridge car accident a terrorist attack – which he CLEARLY did…In the HOC, I’m blaming Trudeau for it. Of course.

Poilivre told reporters the next day that  ridiculous accusation came from the only way he can get security briefings because he can’t pass a Nat Sec background check (Russians/His “wife’s” family), from Fox News and a CTV news tweet – that came out 28 minutes AFTER he called the accident a ‘Terror Attack.”

Don’t the nervous dry mouth and gulping because he’s full of shit:

Also, note the demeaning, generic whataboutism as he verbally abuses a female reporter for CRUSHING his whole grift with a common sense question. Such a gentleman. I hope his “wife” doesn’t ask many questions…

For the record, PeePee admits he gets his national security briefings from CTV news tweets and Fox News, which shouldn’t be comforting to the average Canadian voter.

It’s also a lie.


The Truth?

CTV’s “tweet” didn’t come out until 29 minutes AFTER PeePee called the Niagara car accident a terrorist attack.

Exhibit A

*Remember, Jason, needed 10 minutes to put that story together (2:29 pm), and CTvs post didn’t come out until 2:50 pm).

I’d never tell you who to vote for, but supporting a living, breathing lie seems ridiculous.

Then again, people take Jordan Peterson seriously, so whatever. Let’s enjoy Canada’s Big Lie’s flame out together.




















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