Cannabis Phil: ‘DMT’ Is Next Level Cannabis Psychadelic And Mike Tyson Is All Over That Shit

Cannabis Phil Mar 2, 2019

Congrats to Mike Tyson on opening up his latest venture the Tyson’s Cannabis Ranch Based in California. Tyson is involved with a lot of positive things with his cannabis empire. Starting off with a 40-acre ranch in California City, it will also have its own stock of premium blends of cannabis.

The ranch will have its “master growers” and also give back by training new apprentices. It has Tyson Holistic, who make it a “top priority” treat any and all personnel who have served in the army with a CBD holistic approach for PTSD. This high-end resort also features an edibles factory. I am thinking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Vacation, the original one. Yeah, maybe I would check out this place. The Tyson brand also has its own infused muscle creams, but in this rapidly expanding market, I am sure we will see his tattooed face on everything.

Now if anyone knows drugs, it’s Tyson! This guy is up there with Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Pryor, and Keith Richards. Tyson started weed at 5 and cocaine at 11. God only knows what else? Kind of explains why the poor guy is so fucked up. But at least he realizes and knows from first-hand experience what cannabis can do. He’s a little older with kids, wife of 10 years, he doesn’t get in fights anymore, he’s a lot more chilled now and he’s the first to admit that is all thanks to cannabis.

What get’s my attention is when he starts talking about DMT. Mike’s especially, well-known for talking about this with his good buddy Joe Rogan.


I first heard about DMT two summers ago, as it came across my path. DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine)  aka the Spirit Molecule. As explained to me, it’s like the adrenaline rush when we are first-born (but who the fuck can remember that). It’s naturally produced in our bodies and can also be found in animals.

Joe and Mike talk about it being a spiritualistic journey, with the Aztecs and fucking Leprechauns. Apparently, a lot of different things can happen, however, the end result is a euphoric spirit dream journey – yeah it’s a fucking speedball.

It’s trippy as shit and I don’t think I have had anything that close.  Mushrooms or dabbing cones may be borderline? But I digress, let me tell you what my guy told me. It’s easy to obtain and a gram can cost you $80 or more depending on who you know. It comes like a pure white crystal and do you know what’s recommended as the best method? You guessed it,  pure glass pipe, for purity sake. Apparently, a gram goes a long way and was recommended as the perfect amount for starters. Now I have heard others sprinkling it in weed, or water pipe or bong. It is also recommended as a one-time thing, as regular use can fuck you up. Really? Sounds like fucking crack, but wait, it gets better.

So my buddy tells me he sneaks off to the garage, gets his pipe, lighter and sits in his lawn chair. And in comes the slow-mo, he lights it, takes one hit and that’s it. He crashed in the chair with the pipe on him, out cold! He completely loses track of time! He remembers taking off like 0 to 100, just zipping through livelihood shit. He mentions it was like a dream state, just surreal. But it was kind of horrifying at the same time as the “speed’ thing was insane. And once it was over, he was relieved, but it was that euphoric feeling that they wanted to try again.


Horrifying and euphoric?

I tell you, buying the glass pipe made me feel dirty. Buddy was telling me to measure it exactly because a little too much and you will be tripping balls. Doing a little more research on this, I find that people can have adverse effects like passing the fuck out immediately, smashing their heads, and going into a semi-conscious state for god only knows how long. Also shitting themselves and seizures may happen. Sounds fun.

Two years later, as I am cleaning out my old box of “samples”, one of the pros of reviewing cannabis products. I come across the old DMT sticky containers and laugh. I never did end up taking it. I imagined that I would one day when I had time to spare but never found it. Kind of grateful too!  I just couldn’t imagine wearing a hockey helmet, sitting in a lawn chair as part of the curriculum. My worst fear is my wife finds me in the garage passed out, as I shit myself, and a glass pipe with white power burnt around it.  She calls 911 and then asks WTF when I wake up! How do you explain “I was just experimenting with DMT” nothing to see here and that’s not crack by the way?

mike tyson smile GIF

So while we can all agree with Mike that cannabis is not a gateway drug but an exit drug, as it can help heal other afflictions. As a rec user, I don’t think I am ready or feel the need to go to the next level. Whatever that is? I know a lot of cannabis compare psychedelic like this as the next logical step, I can see that, but it scares the shit out of me.



Cannabis Phil

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