Cannabis Phil: Edibles Are Almost Here!!

Cannabis Phil Mar 9, 2019

When recreational cannabis became legal on October 17, 2018, it covered dried and fresh cannabis, oils, plants and seeds were allowed under the legislation. The Federal Government said edibles that contain cannabis and cannabis concentrates will be legalized by or before October 17, 2019.
Edibles will be the second wave to the Cannabis Gold Rush and it will be absolutely insane! With some US markets declaring sales in the billions of dollars in 2018. This will also encompass drinks, as they will infuse anything and everything with CBD or THC.

I think it will be interesting to see what will happen with when mainstream non-alcoholic beverage companies go up against alcoholic. This is where the big money will be, can you imagine what will happen when Gatorade, Red Bull or Constellation brands hit the ground running? I think it will attract a lot of attention, I think the non-alcoholic beverages will exceed expectations. Just on the appeal alone, I think it will out-perform alcoholic beverages for two reasons. One not everyone likes alcohol in their drinks, secondly, the drinkers and cannabis people are different animals, so would I drink to get high? And what would the buzz be like? Drinkers may not like the buzz. Some people may like both, but I still think non-alcoholic infused beverages will be the big winner. And just wait until they are able to advertise, the sports drink market will kill it.

Now edibles are an interesting market, with all the DIY out there, I think it will appeal to a lot of people who like to bake, cook or even make their own wine. There will also be products for purchase, with gummies and chocolates going for under $20. This will be the best option for people who do not like to vape or smoke.
Edibles are deadly, to begin with, because you never really know the amount of THC in them. Remember, always start small! If you don’t feel anything the first time, you can double up your dose and try next time. Try to remember certain brands and how much you took, so you know how to dose it next time, better to not to feel anything the first time that trip balls. Also, it is always handy to have a CBD vape pen ready, just in case someone does trip balls. A CBD vape should offset the green out and bring you back safe and sober.

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Cannabis Phil

It has been amazing to see the cannabis industry grow exponentially over a couple of years, to see this kind of growth is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I first started in the industry as a writer/photographer for High! Canada Magazine, interviewing some top people in the cannabis space. Eventually, I started doing content/video work, social media coverage of various cannabis events across North America, catching the pulse of what was going on and partaking in a quite a few sessions, meeting some truly amazing people on the way. In my previous enslavement (aka "career"), I was involved in the business side of things, so I do have an invested interest in the business aspect. Coming into my somewhat “village elder years”, I hope to bridge the gap between generations, in hopes of breaking the stigma and showing others it's okay to get high, while possibly showing them how. My passion for cannabis and writing covers; strain reviews, vapes, dabs, shatter, social media coverage of events, new products, patient advocacy, innovations and the business of cannabis.

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