Cannabis Phil: Sports and Burning in the NBA

Cannabis Phil Mar 18, 2019
High Workouts

While I do most things under the influence, sports and working out is also on that list. It wasn’t until years back when a friend of mine was doing his social media. Ross is a snowboarder dude from Vancouver, so one day he’s finishing his 21 km trek and decides to post a social media video. Son of a bitch is biking up this hill, with the phone on selfie-mode, smoking a joint and talking to the video. He did a pretty good job at it too! Then I started thinking if he could do all that while smoking there is no reason I can’t go to the gym and at least do cardio! And so I did! It’s great because now I don’t wait to sober up, I just go to the gym and hit it! I do yoga as well, and I won’t lie, that can be challenging at times.


Now’s it interesting to see what is going on with cannabis and sports? I think it will be the next big wave to hit sports and here’s why! CBD sports infused drinks! Think about the early years of Gatorade, when they burst on the scene? That will pale in comparison! Athletes today know what works for them, and it’s an easy play for these athletes to promote something they believe in! There are quite a few athletes, who will be ahead of the curve with their individual promotions. I can’t tell you how many personal athletic friends of mine are raring to go. Eventually, the mainstream brands will come in and that is another story. What are they waiting for? Rules and regulations to kick in the next 6 to 8 months. Most will have their brands ready to go!


It’s not like you are going to see big-time players get those huge endorsement deals, instead, you will see star athletes from every sport have their own brand. Rubbing salves, sports drinks for pre and after a workout, CBD band-aids, pain relief creams, and more products to come. Speaking of which, Ross is also launching out his own brand in a couple of months called “Legacy”, which will be more for the sporting cannabis lifestyle.

Burning in the NBA

Now while, I am not a basketball fan per se, but I do respect the truth and what these former NBA players have to say. They are coming out and telling it like it is. Yes, there is a stigma out there in the NBA and it’s refreshing to hear these guys tell it as it should be. That and some of these guys are chronic and chose to function that way!


I had no idea that the NBA tested randomly 4 times throughout the season, while other leagues seem to “tolerate” street drugs. I can’t believe they had to put up with the “black athletes” drug stigma. That says a lot! Oddly enough though, it looks like they may actually change the NBA stance and make it one of the innovators of all the leagues.


When you look at the NHL and NFL, they don’t want to touch any “cannabis” controversy. Even though the NHL  Alumni has entered a research program on concussions and CBD research. It’s still the old guard that does not want anything to do with it. But’s it guys like these that will lead the way! And BTW these guys just made my Burn List!

Cannabis Phil

It has been amazing to see the cannabis industry grow exponentially over a couple of years, to see this kind of growth is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I first started in the industry as a writer/photographer for High! Canada Magazine, interviewing some top people in the cannabis space. Eventually, I started doing content/video work, social media coverage of various cannabis events across North America, catching the pulse of what was going on and partaking in a quite a few sessions, meeting some truly amazing people on the way. In my previous enslavement (aka "career"), I was involved in the business side of things, so I do have an invested interest in the business aspect. Coming into my somewhat “village elder years”, I hope to bridge the gap between generations, in hopes of breaking the stigma and showing others it's okay to get high, while possibly showing them how. My passion for cannabis and writing covers; strain reviews, vapes, dabs, shatter, social media coverage of events, new products, patient advocacy, innovations and the business of cannabis.

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