Cannabis Phil: Sunday Morning Epiphany

Cannabis Phil Mar 16, 2019
Sunday Morning fucking Epiphany

Uggh! I was sick on Sunday, something I haven’t been in long while. For me when I am sick, I do not blaze or vape. I know a lot of full timers that still blaze, but I just don’t see the point since I feel like shit anyway. While I do vape in the mornings, it’s nothing too crazy, just enough to be buzzed and tolerable for the day, around a 5 or 6 out of 10.

Today, I had a kid’s swimming at 10 in the morning and decided not to vape, and boy do I regret it. Now my kids swim class is in a hotel swimming pool that can be awkward at times since we have to change the kids in the washroom or the sauna. It gets even busier when some parents bring their grandparents, so the swim deck can pretty busy. Not sure why you have to bring the entire family, it’s a swim class!

Be that as it may, some people have no idea about personal space. I am sitting off on the side of a lawn chair and this guy sits down right in front of me. All I wanted to do was enjoy my coffee and watch my kid swim, it that too much to ask? I’m trying to watch my kid swim and all I can see is this guys face, and all I feel is this rage building like Bruce Banner. But I digress, after all, I am a parent right? We just can’t do act on our anger anymore. It’s just a little common courtesy about personal space, is that too much to ask?

Regardless, my point is that cannabis chills and I may have taken that for granted. Last time I was sober, was two years ago in Taiwan for 10 weeks! It’s hot and sweaty; weed would be expensive in Taiwan and probably shitty. Plus I would have to deal with some shady characters, and getting arrested in the motherland for weed is just not worth it. No doubt I was a complete asshole by the end of that trip!

I remember someone once asked me “Why do you blaze all the time?” I didn’t have an answer back them but I do now. Now that I am older, it makes me a better person as I am calmer and tend to tolerate parenting and live in a much better place when you smoke weed every day.


Cannabis Phil

It has been amazing to see the cannabis industry grow exponentially over a couple of years, to see this kind of growth is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I first started in the industry as a writer/photographer for High! Canada Magazine, interviewing some top people in the cannabis space. Eventually, I started doing content/video work, social media coverage of various cannabis events across North America, catching the pulse of what was going on and partaking in a quite a few sessions, meeting some truly amazing people on the way. In my previous enslavement (aka "career"), I was involved in the business side of things, so I do have an invested interest in the business aspect. Coming into my somewhat “village elder years”, I hope to bridge the gap between generations, in hopes of breaking the stigma and showing others it's okay to get high, while possibly showing them how. My passion for cannabis and writing covers; strain reviews, vapes, dabs, shatter, social media coverage of events, new products, patient advocacy, innovations and the business of cannabis.

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