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BRADYTVOfficial Mar 4, 2022

Show us the goods

Nudist films have a complex past ranging from advertisements for the lifestyle to a Pre-Porn Era fix of female nipples. For the most part, these films are poorly funded and therefore lack a certain production value. On top of that, the stories (at least in my experience) are always VERY similar…

Typically, some young woman or couple find themselves unknowingly in a community of nudists and are shy throughout the entire film until at the end when she finally bares it all. It’s predictable, overdone, and after the third or fourth time seeing it, not very exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, not all naturist/nudist film is bad. Tacky? Sometimes. Poorly acted? Often. There’s a lot of good there though and a very interesting history to this genre makes it worth a look.

The Movie Men Podcast

This week we were fortunate enough to sit down with Mark Storey – the Author of Cinema Au Natural. He taught us a little about the history of these movies and chatted with us a little about some of the nudist films we have already revied. Check out the Spotify link at the top of this post to hear the conversation.


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