Chelsea Hillier: “The thing about my dad is that he’s never wrong.”

May 3, 2022

When I booked Chelsea Hillier as a guest on Blackballed, I expected two things; a civil conversation, and a bunch of liberals telling me I was giving a bad person a platform.

I got a fairly civil conversation out of it, and I got to tell those liberals to fuck off. All in all it seemed like a victory to me.


Chelsea is the daughter of embattled Ontario MPP, Randy Hillier. She’s also a fiercely loyal daughter. Earlier in the day during a pre-interview phone call, Chelsea offered the following takes about her dad.

“The thing about my dad is that he’s NEVER wrong.”

“If he goes to prison, he will give advice to other inmates on how to handle their lawyer.”

“I’ve only seen him drunk twice in my life.”

I could, and did, allow her claim that Randy is infallible as an example of a daughter who loves her daddy. And I mean that. I told her, earnestly, over the phone that I was moved by that sentiment, adding that I hope my daughter talks about me in the same way when she is older.

On her dad going to prison, I think offering advice on how to stay out of prison while languishing in prison seems a tad unrealistic, but I give her props for her optimism.

And finally, she may be in denial regarding her father’s drinking.

All that being said, Chelsea left some naivety on the table, dressed up as super-awesome talking points she seemed to know very little about. She spouted off several counter-narratives when talking about Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, apparently believing that NATO is ultimately responsible for Putin’s action, as if Putin’s actions are not choices made by the Russian tyrant, but forced upon him from Brussels. She also believes Crimea was a welcomed invasion, conveniently pushing international law aside so that she could muddy the waters and paint the conflict as two sides merely engaged in an awful-yet-equal conflict.

But maybe she should be forgiven, after all, she says her mental health has been impacted by liberals who have been abusing her online for years, calling her a murderer for not being vaccinated. And hey, maybe she’s right. Maybe she actually feels like half the country has deemed her dirty, despite cherry-picking the worst anecdotes uttered about the unvaccinated to fit inside her victimhood narrative.

I don’t dislike Chelsea, I just dislike the disingenuous way she carries the thrust of her arguments. She embodies everything a modern day, rigid conservative embodies, but she claims not to be a conservative. She says she doesn’t attack people, just ideas, but then says Dean Blundell personifies evil itself. She says she never attacks people personally, but couldn’t weigh in on the person suing her for libel because the case is currently with the courts.

She accused me of plotting to mislead my audience by claiming I would doctor the interview and release out-of-context responses to make her look crazy, and that’s when I started to understand Chelsea. She needs the victim status to fuel her ideas and keep her audience engaged. For heaven’s sake, she disputed the idea of human beings sometimes being asymptomatic, as if this idea was invented in January, 2020 and not something considered to be a normal and important characteristic of various viruses, including COVID-19.

Chelsea Hillier isn’t batshit crazy, or a compulsive liar, or dangerous to society. She’s none of those things, and anyone who says she is has their own issues to tend with. What Chelsea appears to be is a surface-scratching, overconfident ideologue whose main characteristic is never admitting that perhaps her wealth of knowledge might actually be bankrupt, a quality many people on her side of the coin suffer from in this almost-post-COVID world.

But she loves her Daddy. She loves him so much that she said that she would probably smuggle in cigarettes for him. But she was kidding. I think. Maybe.

I’d interview her again though. I think breaking down the walls of polarization and being civil is far more important than our egos. I think there is room at the table of debate for the Chelsea Hilliers of the world.

So a second interview is hers if she wants it. All you have to do is call me, love.

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