China Is Floating A ‘Swine Flu’ Rumor To Screw Canadians Out Of Bacon

Apr 29, 2019

Economist may call this ‘Supply and Demand’ but if I know Chinese foreign policy, this is a play right out of their playbook.

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Bacon and pork product prices in Canada and across the world are expected to spike as a result of the African swine fever outbreak in China, experts predict.

The disease is killing thousands of pigs in China — one of the world’s largest pork producers — which is wreaking havoc in the global pork supply chain.

“It’s having a huge impact on the population of the world,” University of Guelph professor Robert Friendship told over the phone.

He explained that higher pork prices across the world will be the result of a large chain reaction.

It boils down to this: China’s booming middle class is now eating more pork, but with the swine fever overwhelmingly killing pigs from China, the country is going to need to import more pork. This will make pork more scarce worldwide and increase the price for everyone.

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That’s right.  China, still pissed about Canada extraditing that cell phone spy girl with Huawei, has passed around the ‘Swine Flu’ rumor while simultaneously selling our Bacon to others or just straight dumping it in the woods like a shitty paperboy.  Meanwhile,, do you know who gets left holding the bag with that plastic Turkey Bacon shit?  You and I and that’s BS.

To make matters worse, Prime Minister Dick Wad was insulting every Japanese and or Chinese person from here to the moon.

Smooth.  He actually did it again about an hour later because he’s gonna lose his job to another Con Artist, soon.

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He’s so rattled it’s hilarious.  He can’t even get the President of Japan straight when he’s sitting right next to him and that’s ALL he had to do.  If we have to start rationing, I know who gets ZERO.



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