#ChipGate: Is Your Chip Aisle Empty At Your Local Grocery Store? Here’s Why

Mar 7, 2022

Question for the class, have you recently gone to your local grocery store to grab your favourite bag of Lays chips and noticed the chip aisle looks like this?

Ya, me too, I went to my local No Frills to grab some chips for the wife to find none of the good ones anywhere to be found. Naturally, I did what any rational human being would do and cursed out Justin Trudeau because of supply chain issues ( I’m kidding I know I know it’s not his fault)

I then headed to my local Shoppers and found the same thing. Confused I texted the wife and said they have no chips at all, sent a picture for reference, and came home.

I did some digging apparently Frito Lay wanted to raise their prices and Loblaws put a hard stop to it and that they would not be accepting the price increase.

Due to that big dick move, Frito-Lay has pulled the plug.

VIA Financial Post

On Friday, La Presse reported that Frito-Lay stopped filling orders last weekend after Loblaw refused to accept price increases. The move to stop shipments, which the Financial Post has confirmed, means Frito-Lay’s extensive roster of snacks — including Doritos, Lays, Cheetos, Smartfood, Munchies and Sun Chips — isn’t flowing to Loblaw’s network of more than 2,400 stores across Canada Loblaw, which also owns No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart and Valu-mart, said it conducts detailed reviews on price requests from suppliers to make sure what they’re asking for is appropriate.

“This can lead to difficult conversations and, in extreme cases, suppliers don’t ship our products,” Loblaw spokesperson Catherine Thomas said in an email.

The episode marks an escalation in tensions in the Canadian supermarket business, which has been in turmoil during the pandemic over claims that the biggest grocers have used their dominance in the market to squeeze their suppliers..

Folks we’ve got ourselves a good old fashion Mexican Chip Off.

This means any PC brand store is no longer carrying your favorite chips.

This begs the question, which lockout will end first the MLB vs MLPA or Frito Lay vs Loblaws?

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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