Coffee and Tech talk. LG phones are no more and what’s the best coffee in L.A.?

brentonontour Apr 16, 2021

This week on the Brenton On Tour “Journey for Java” series I combine two major loves in mine and others people’s lives, Coffee and Tech with Juan Bagnell of

Who is Juan you say? Well, Juan has one of the most successful YouTube Channels in the land where he breaks down all things tech amazingly like this video review of the Samsung vs the One Plus for example:

Or this video where he bids adieu to my personal favorite the LG V60:

In the new episode of the podcast we also break down Juan’s favorite coffee gear, region, brands, and he answers the question you have all been asking; What is the best coffee in L.A.?

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Yes, there are people out there that don’t use an iPhone and I happen to be one of them. After discovering Juan and his love for the LGV60 I knew I had to talk to him about the greatest content creation phone ever made and I also wanted to know what started Juan’s journey into coffee? (Hint it was a hipster joint out here in Vancouver.)

We cover a lot of ground here in an episode you’d likely think couldn’t possibly go together?

Well, hopefully, we prove you wrong here? I’m curious about what you are using to create content yourself? There are no wrong answers. Please comment below and happy listening!

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I tour the world and run concerts for a living..I'm searching for the world's best coffee and will share that journey here.. I will never watch a Fast and The Furious movie..Monster Trucks don't interest me but the band is really cool!

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