Conservatives and the art of gaslighting

Jason Pugh Jan 2, 2024

Conservatives never stop. They are so obsessed with rage-farming and being anti-Liberal about absolutely everything that they’ll literally vote against anything. Want an example? Just look at their vote on the Ukraine trade deal.

They know that Ukraine has had its own carbon price and needs it to trade with the European Union, but they don’t care. Facts be damned.

They will never, ever give credit for anything Trudeau does but will blame him for everything.

Here’s an example from just the other day from CPC MP Rob Moore:

Canadian Cynic had the best response to the dumbest tweet of 2023:

Plus there’s the nonstop posts from Con MPs who love to talk about the “carbon tax” who like to pretend there’s no such thing as the rebate.

When challenged Ryan doubled down by posting this:


Some responses:

You could probably find the same BS on any CPC MP’s “X” feed. They get handed their talking points from PP’s office and mindlessly pump out the BS and memes.

Ryan, or any CPC MP posting such blatant BS is nothing new. So I’m not surprised by that, or them whining about the heating oil ‘carve out’ – or that you’d never hear a Con MP actually promote the Greener Homes Program, the interest-free Greener Homes loan program or any of the various provincial programs that will make heating more efficient and, ultimately, lower the cost.

No no. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Plus, is anyone shocked or suprised over the length PP and the Cons will go to attack PMJT? I mean, look at Rob’s post above.

Well, I think one thing they’re “attacking” is just…I don’t know, funny? Stupid? Completely batshit insane? That thing? Heat pumps.

Not the rebates, programs or carve-outs.

No, I’m talking about Cons declaring a war on actual heat pumps. All in the name of “owning the libs.”

After the “carve-out” to help people transition from oil heating to heat pumps, I know what the first thing all of you were thinking: “What does the spouse of former Prime Minister Harper think about the efficacy of heat pumps?”

Well, you didn’t have to wait for very long before Laureen chimed in:

That’s right. Cons and their ilk immediately started to attack heat pumps.

Oh, so when promoted by Cons heat pumps: GOOD.
When promoted by Libs heat pumps: BAD.

Get it?

Mike posted this link:

From a quick search I didn’t find anything from Poilievre himself on heat pumps. However, I thought I’d write this post after I tweeted this last week:

Tweet something about heat pumps, and Pierre’s flying monkeys come swarming. Here’s some gems:

    (Oh no! Totally real person with 24 followers since 2014, “Jeremy Tipper” is right. I guess the rainbow flag was a dead giveaway.)

That was just from my tweet about heat pumps alone. Seems like someone (I couldn’t imagine who) has bots attacking any pro-heat pump tweet.

Hey, folks. Did you all know that heat pumps don’t work if the power goes out? Apparently, there were a lot of concerned trolls/bots who thought I was unaware.

The obvious point to that bullshit is they want the response of some pinko-commie-woke-leftie like me using a *gasp* generator!

Holy hell, they’d love that, eh? They’d be calling me the biggest hypocrite and say *something, something* Rebel News article *something, something* Ontario Proud meme.

Because obviously, using a gas-powered generator temporarily while the power is out means we all have to rely on oil and gas forever, and there’s no need to transition to anything more efficient. Ever. End of story!

Well, the joke’s on them because I’m hoping my next EV will have “vehicle to load,” which means I’ll be plugging it into my house to keep lights on and the heat pump working if the power goes out. (Imagine a certain former star of CBC’s Dragon’s Den reading that!)

Of course, none of the trolls/bots had anything to say about why I had to turn the temp down:

Where has the snow gone? Most Canadians will wake up to a green Christmas

“Another reason is the El Nino phenomenon, a warming of ocean surface temperatures in the eastern and central Pacific that often results in milder temperatures.

Canadians like to ask each other “Cold enough for you?” as the temperatures bite, but that might be going out of fashion.

And the trend of warmer winters means people are likely to be spending less time outside engaged in traditional activities such as skiing, sledding or skating.

“What you’re seeing now this winter, is really a sneak preview of what will be normal in decades from now,” said Phillips, who has an idea as how to deal with the issue.”

2023 was Earth’s warmest year on record. Will 2024 be even hotter?

As a year of surprising global warmth came to a close, a record high annual average temperature was already assured. Now, some scientists are already speculating: 2024 could be even hotter.

(I guess the response to that from the bots would be that with global warming, people won’t need heat pumps. Win-win! Right?)

If Pierre Poilievre cared about those who are struggling. Who have to choose between “heating or eating”, then he’d be out there telling everyone who can get a heat pump to get one. ASAP. To take advantage of the Greener Homes programs and the various provincial programs/incentives. After all, isn’t Pierre Poilievre the one who wants “technology, not taxes?” Well, here’s the technology you’re supposedly speaking of. Right, Pierre? Oh, I see. By “technology” PP and the Cons just mean carbon capture so we can keep pumpin’ out that oil!

But he isn’t pushing people to convert to cheaper/more efficient forms of heating. As he doesn’t actually give a damn about the “common people.”

If your life improved and you no longer had to choose between “heating or eating” because you took advantage of government incentives, that wouldn’t help him politically.

Your getting ahead could be seen as giving the Liberals a win, and he can’t have that now, can he?

That blow hard wants everything to “feel broken” and would never, ever do a damn thing to actually help anyone out today.

If it could score him an extra political point or two, Pierre Poilievre would rather have “common people” struggle, shiver, and starve.

“Keep using oil and gas because heat pumps just don’t work!” – Could there BE a better example of gaslighting?


Jason Pugh

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