Conservatives are, once again, losing (or at least pretending to) their minds over another cooked-up “scandal.”

Jason Pugh Jan 13, 2024

Hey, everyone. Conservatives are *YAWN* screeching and clutching pearls in an effort to cook up another scandal.🥱

A couple days ago, Pierre Poilievre’s lapdog, Michael Barrett, put out this stupid meme:

I like Tiny Dancer’s response:

Then, yesterday, they were going with this BS, and Tiny Dancer called them out. Again:

So, the difference is that someone said something one way on one day, and on another day, someone said the same thing slightly differently.

OMG! Folks. I tells ya. I think this new scandal, #SplitHairGate, is finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me.

I mean, how DARE the Prime Minister takes his family on vacation! Plus, they had the gall to stay at a longtime friend’s that didn’t cost the taxpayers anything!!!

A few days ago, the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, posted a video using a clip of the Prime Minister that was, of course, taken out of context. Just like how Con MPs like to blurt out “balance themselves” nonstop.

Of course, he had to throw in the $6000/night hotel stay when the PM and delegation attended the Queen’s funeral. Had PP been PM, he would have stayed at the same hotel, but he doesn’t like to use things like context or facts when there’s a “scandal” to be cooked up!

My buddy built a house with two units in it. He rents out one and uses the other for Air BnB.

He told me, OF COURSE, if I ever head out their way, I would be welcome to stay there.

It’s sort of like that but for rich people.

Here’s the thing. Was it really a “gift” for that much? Isn’t the property owner allowed to let a friend stay there if they want?

That doesn’t mean there’s any quid pro quo going on here.

    (You’ll note that that video clip is from last year when the Cons complained about the same thing. Don’t you just love holiday traditions?)

Conservatives struggle with the concept of friendship because, for them, everything is transactional.

This is just more of the same old, same old from Pierre Poilievre.

Rage. Rinse. Repeat.


Jason Pugh

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