Cranky Canuck’s Special Report: Trump Indicted! Holy @#$%!!!

Cranky Canuck Mar 31, 2023

Trump Indicted! Holy @#$%!!!

You better believe it – the Tangerine Tyrant, Donald Effin’ Trump, has been INDICTED! πŸ”₯ We’ve all been waiting for this moment…Like for years! And now, it’s time to celebrate and savour the moment with some much-needed humour at the orange ones expense! 😏 This is some historic shit right here, ’cause it’s the first time a current or former president is gonna face criminal charges in America. The Manhattan DA’s office has been digging into Trump’s dirty laundry, looking into this hush money drama with Stormy Daniels back in 2016. This whole situation is gonna cause some major shockwaves, ’cause the US political scene has never dealt with an ex-leader getting hit with criminal charges, especially while trying to run for president again. Man, fuckin’ wild times, huh?

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Cranky Canuck

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