Video: Dad Loses It At Gender Reveal When He Finds Out He’s Having Another Girl

Joe Williamson Apr 17, 2022

Wait for the depressed “Fuuuuuck.”  What a beautiful moment.

Imagine the excitement in the air that day. They’ve gathered friends and family just off-camera for a cute/safe, gender reveal with their two beautiful little girls. It’s no secret Dad wants a boy but surely he’s just playing up his feelings as a ‘bit.’ Something to make others laugh.

Then the joyous moment comes and the family gets draped in pink confetti only for Dad to lose his cool and start dropping “f-bombs” and walking away.

Now the video has gone viral (32 million views on TikTok) and the sweetest little girl yet to be born will have to see this video forever as it gets replayed on every Aunt and Uncle’s phone for the rest of her life. I’m sure it won’t mess her up at all.

I kinda get it, I’ve got two boys and I’d love a little girl (we’re not pregnant) but there’s a zero percent chance I would act this way if it turns out baby #3 is another monster. Also shoutout to the Mom in this situation who not only keeps her cool but seems to enjoy the moment. Dad’s outbursts might be par for the course.

One final thought, I’m not big gender reveal parties but this seemed like a safe one. Stick to flower pedals and cake cutting and leave the fireworks for New Year’s Eve.

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