Darth Vader is Canadian, deal with it you Rebel Scum.

David Randell Nov 2, 2019
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On my commute into work this morning I listened to one of the more recent db.com podcasts. Craig Venn and Mike Luck from The Rock were on with Dean and Graham and Gonzo and boy was it a good one. Like, spit out your coffee funny shit. I hope we get that group back together soon, great stuff.

Sorry, that has nothing to do with today’s rant, I just wanted to give you some atmosphere and context into the state of my thoughts this morning. Let’s back up a bit…

Earlier this morning, while parked on my porcelain throne I was flipping through some various news musings. The usual stories trying to become the latest viral nonsense (kinda like this post). One particular story caught my Spockian-eye.

There seeems to be a good bit of hate going on right now towards the Canadian element in Star Wars, the Chosen One, the Bringer of Balance, one Hayden Christensen. A shocking amount of ‘fans’ lets call them, seem pretty insistent that he should have NO PLACE in the soon to be released final chapter of Star Wars. To be fair to my fellow Canuck the hate seems very misplaced. I give Hayden a good bit of leeway because he’s well… Canadian. That’s what Canadians do, we take immense pride for all that is The True Notrth Strong and…. Yada, yada, yada, you get the point. So what is it with all the Hayden hate? Is it his acting (or overacting) you hate? Are you re-directing your Jar Jar rage on to one of the other misfortunate cast members? Or are your rage directing some blame for the shite that is the Prequels?

From the sounds of it it’s all of the above, and more.

The upcoming EP 9, the final chapter in THE SKYWALKER SAGA will most likely see the return of Hayden in the form of a Force Ghost. The dude is a Skywalker. It’s HIS story. Why are you all so up in arms over his appearance in the movie? There is some real opportunity for some cool shit here. Image of Hayden Christensen in Star WarsFrom the Vader/Ben adoration (Ben’s whole purpose seems to avenge Vader’s death, finish the job as it were) to Anakin making amends for his past transgressions. As creepy as his face seems in his Force Ghosts appearance at the end of Return of the Jedi, it was meant to be him happy he’s welcome back as a spirit, as a JEDI spirit. Not the crusty Charcoal Briquette tanning on the coast of Mustafar version. He is the ‘I wanna be your Daddy, I’m sorry son’ good Jedi spirit version.

So, his Force Ghost self is a good guy, right?

Force Ghosts

Disney seems to be doing everything they can to throw shade not only at his involvement, at Force Ghosts involvement all together. Word on the set is they removed a whole bunch of scenes involving Force Ghost’s. So no Obi Wan, no Nick Fury either? Yeah right, as if. Ewan McGregor will be in there if only to pitch the Ben Kenobi TV series.

Hayden was recently spotted at the Star Wars experience Galaxy’s Edge with his kid this week, helping her make her own Laser Sword. A picture of him was put up on Disney’s Twitter, then taken down, then put back up when they were called out for removing it! So what gives? He will be in the movie because, as Lucas has always asserted “He’s definitely The Chosen One” even if Disney doesn’t really want him in there? This epic story arc is bigger than even Disney. JJ knows this.

JJ is such a play along fanboy that he will bend over for Lucas as he did in The Force Awakens and he’ll include him in the story, because introduce as many new characters you want, this is the final movie of HIS saga.

He has to be there.

He and 1000 generations of other Force Ghosts will be there to support Rey as she brings down Darth Siddious for good.

Just be glad they haven’t name the movie The Floating of Skywalker.

Until next time, scum.


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