Dean: Here’s my take on these #KlondikePapers

Jun 15, 2022

Look. I know people are frothing at the mouth for some conservative smoking gun but RELAX.

We interviewed self-described fixer turned self-described whistleblower David Wallace twice based on articles by Press Progress. James had a relationship with him and contacted David after the Press Progress report on David’s involvement in establishing a back channel to Russian oligarchs with Doug Ford.

Here’s that interview complete with all of my (our reservations) and David dropped the #KlondikePaper bombs in the first 5 minutes.

Before during and after the interview, we made sure to note, that we in no way were endorsing David’s stories as fact. Just that we were speaking to the man behind a vetted story that came from these #KlondikePapers.

Press Progress’s story came from a 7k page ‘dossier’ David calls “The Klondike Papers.”  David claims to have put these papers together with the help of a man Plymouth Brethren Church wanted “found” and “turned over” to them named Richard Marsh. David also made claims that certain high-powered people were involved and he could prove it with these papers.

I have not gone through this whole dossier.

I’ve skimmed certain parts, so I’m not qualified to develop an authentic opinion that matters. I’m not an investigative reporter or lawyer, but there seems to be some religious extremist “There, There.”  Outside of that, it looks like an evidence dump to incriminate a BUNCH of people for various reasons only David/Richard can speak to.

But these reported stories are legit.

We tasked a few legal folks and real investigative journalists with translating what’s in the “Klondike Papers,” They will write/offer their own opinions. I’m not here to drive a narrative or curate a bullshit conspiracy. I do a daily podcast about weird/fun shit – not a news serial on outing bad actors or furthering wacky conspiracy shit. So, like you, we’re waiting to see what’s real and what isn’t.

HOWEVER, there’s some gnarly stuff in this document that sheds light on Plymouth Brethren Christian Church that needs some serious fucking attention, and Press Progress has done a great job focusing on the area with their reporting.

You can’t disseminate opinion as fact based on ONE person’s account of their experience. Still, the culture war in this country is primarily propped up by a few overtly religious extremists who hate democracy and Trudeau. And if ANY of the allegations are true (some aren’t and were created to exact revenge on political opponents or an op), look out.

I don’t believe there is a religious cabal of conservatives scheming to take over the country. David and Nathan have major credibility issues, but the receipts of these relationships are legit. The context around those relationships is open to interpretation, and remember, David and Nathan have spent 30 and 40 years, respectively, manipulating the truth for personal gain. David, admittedly so for the Conservatives exclusively.

Maybe David is looking to settle some scores with people who fucked him over.

Maybe they are both broke.

Maybe they are both angry.

Maybe they have terrible reputations but so do some of the people and organizations they are outing.

He also might be 100 percent accurate.  We don’t know.

BUT, the receipts David has provided suggest he was asked to do something shitty for the Church and their skeevy practices are common knowledge.

Because someone doesn’t have an excellent reputation, doesn’t mean shit when they have damning receipts about a religious sect and seriously questionable business practices, including hunting apostate former members like Richard Marsh. David’s receipts and assessment of church involvement in funding hate campaigns and supporting this convoy bullshit seem legit. Everything that stems from that is suspect, IMO, but portions are certainly based on confirmed reality.

As was insider profiteering of federal and provincial taxpayer money during the pandemic.

Who’s involved and their level of involvement is suspect, and a guy like David is effective at laying landmines of half-truths because that’s what he’s done for 30 years. He was a “Fixer” and readily admits to farming lies for a living so I’m not taking him at his word without reservation.

Co-signing anything in these documents before proper vetting is ridiculous, but the vetted and reported portions of the stories are wild and worth telling. Who doesn’t like hearing about skiptracing, alleged kidnap, Russian back channels, and murder-for-hire plots? We prefaced it all (and still do) with the caveat that we’re talking about vetted reporting, and I wanted to talk to the people involved to see if they were full of shit.

We gave David and Nathan a platform to sift through how insane the allegations were. We never said they were 100 percent factual because I don’t think they are. We wanted to talk to them based on Press Progress’s verified reporting, and here we are.

We’re not a news organization, nor should you consider us one. We’re not “right-fighters” nor endorsing any of it as a smoking gun. We’re talking about the news and talking to the people who make it, sifting through the mung just like you are.

If you’re looking for an alt-right slayer, we’re not it.

I don’t give a fuck about politics, politicians, or religion unless those people try to make our lives worse based on objective metrics, not one-sided stories told by rage farmers. From the left or the right.

I wrote this FFS:

The only horse I have in this race is trying to find the truth in an entertaining way and super-serving the 90% who would just like to get the fuck on with living a happy life.

That’s it, that’s all. Those trying to do the opposite, on either side, have our attention because they are trying to fuck over the greater good.

It’s about values and virtue, kids. Not conspiracies and lies to spread false narratives for personal/political gain. That’s Pierre and Justin’s bag.

Wait and see. Don’t assume or paint everything with your personal narrative brush. Do the work, wait and see, then form an opinion.  Everyone wants your brain and social media account and they pour on bullshit outrage to do it. Think for yourself, let this play out and stop pretending you’re all James Bond.


Religious extremists have always existed and this may be just that, but let’s wait and see before we start defaming people or hanging ourselves with weirdo conspiracy theories from a guy who used to make them up for a living. I like David as a guest, but I don’t know him personally so in no way can I vouch for the veracity of any of his claims but I’m not alone in my concern for the PBCC portion of these docs and his alleged experience to this point.


James and Justin Ling are going to do a live show with David and Nathan tonight. You can ride-sidecar and decide who and what to believe for yourself. I’ll be watching just like you.







Dean Blundell

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