Dean: Pierre Poilievre’s Handshake With A White Nationalist Asshole Is Just Part Of His Strategy

Aug 21, 2022

I got up today, made a coffee, took my son to work, then started doom-scrolling through reams of people pissed or happy to see Pierre shaking hands with the founder of an alt-right extremist group who RCMP suspected were connected to aremed extremists at the Coutts Alberta border crossing blockade earlier this year.

Jeremy is a former Canadian Military (most of the Diagolon crew are). They spend their weekends getting HAMMERED on moonshine, shooting trees, and plotting their next cyberbullying spree. They are a joke who verges into cultural reality when they manage to provoke the right news reporter or outlet into taking them seriously.

I don’t know that I’d call them out as neo-nazis, but they are racist nationalists who hate everyone and everything liberal. They spread fake hate through a series of proton mail accounts that are next to impossible to track, then use the attention as a platform.

Pierre Poilievre knows precisely who they are because they work within the same nationalist Network that loves to share fear porn as a strategy.

“If you don’t vote for Pierre, you’ll go broke and be forced to use pronouns and be considerate of others!”

In a conversation with a Conservative insider last week, I learned that Jenni Byrne, Pierre’s strategist, employs “triggering” Canadians as a strategy and uses a series of quiet partnerships with a few outlets to help.

The goal?

To use ANY asset that brings attention to Pierre’s fear porn campaign to trigger Liberals and Conservatives alike, and it’s all about the Network and their support, of which Diagolon and Jeremy Mackenzie are one. Federal conservatives in control of the party “are doing everything in their power to court the extremist vote, which triggers the rest of Canada into sharing their message. It’s easy to pretend guys like Mackenzie were just one of 200 people lined up to shake his hand”.

Jeremy gets some press and seeming legitimacy, and Pierre gets the hate clicks he desperately wants to court the hate vote. Everyone wins.

Especially when Jenni and Pierre get to pretend it means Pierre will shake hands with any Canadian, which isn’t true.

Pierre and the Theocratic Extremist Party of Canada (Conservatives) know precisely who Jeremy Makenzie is. They like him, and Jeremy likes any press he can get because he’s desperate for attention that reinforces whatever the fuck he wants people to think he is. Jeremy craves attention and influence because he’s a racist narcissist who hates himself and blames everything on mefloquine, the government, and everyone else. I blame alcohol, drugs, and his racist upbringing. And anti-asshole, a racist, a freedom fighter, a bearded PBR-soaked “Patriot.”

The bottom line? Jeremy and Pierre just trolled the Libs, and it worked. They both love negative attention, and Pierre weaponizes it better than anyone.

It keeps Pierre at the top of the news cycle, and gives Jer’s melted brain the bum he needs to not feel like jerking off with a belt around his neck.

Pierre knew Jeremy was coming. Jeremy New Pierre was waiting for him, and they both spun their meeting beautifully because these loser twats are part of the same Network working for the same outcome.

They want to fuck you and this country over.

And while you’re all freaking out, he’s laughing because you’re focused on the wrong shit.

The Network

It starts with an international conservative Christian National organization called the IDU (International Democratic Union). The brainchild of the president of the IDU, Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper. His Deputy chairman is also a Christian nationalist and Plymouth Brethren Church cult member. They both do work for the Brethren in exchange for their cult cash. Easy game.

IDU members include theocratic extremist dictators like Victor Orban from Hungary and Christian nationalists from conservative governments and former nongovernment dickheads, from around the world.

Primarily funded by dark money like Plymouth Brethren’s UBT proxies, conservative and religious “Action Groups” and “Think Tanks” fund and employ fake journalists as agents of their executive relationships.

Case in point, Rupa Subramanya, from True North, and her bullshit story about the Trudeau government not consulting doctors when Canada decided to mandate vaccines and masks.

True North is funded by money from IDU partners.

It’s not an authentic news outlet. It was created by Andrew Lawton with dark money and is dedicated to publishing pure fiction on behalf of its investors. It’s an arm of Canada’s Conservative partner pretending to be a news outlet which Pierre uses like a firehose of bullshit and hate. Andrew Lawton works for Pierre and the Theocratic Party of Canada because he loves Jesus, money, and deep-fried Mayonnaise.

Andrews’s only Job? Blow Pierre while trashing Trudeau. It’s True North’s entire business plan.

Andrew and Rupa write hilariously fraudulent stories to help frame the narrative Pierre’s team of theocrats want. Pierre and other Conservative operatives pretend the story is real. Boom. We got ourselves some good old-fashioned gaslighting.

Other Network Friends Help Too.

Rebel News is the biggest driver of conservative hate by far. They not only supply Christian Nationalist talking points but also set the tone and monetize all of it. Rebel gets MILLIONS from IDU partners, and it flows through Ezra Levant. Ezra’s lawyer is Pierre’s Lawyer and Stephen Harper’s Lawyer is Gerry Chipeur.

Rebel supports chaos for cash, and Ezra models Rebel after Breitbart. They don’t just misrepresent news; they create fake news to outrage farm on behalf of their masters.

Rebel exists of their conservative fear porn partners. Like True North, they are just agents of  Christian White Nationalism and their conservative relationships, so no one takes them seriously. Unless that person is a fucking idiot.

Post Media Is A Problem

If you’re looking to pin the tail on the Conservative Network’s most prominent driver of divisive Christian Nationalism, The National Post and Canada’s ‘Sun” media outlets are “IT.”

They siphon stories and bullshit narratives from the True Norths and Rebels and employ writers (conservative agents) like Rupa, Brian Lilley, Rex Murphy, Lorrie Goldstein, ETC.

These Post Media companies were corralled by American conservative hedge fund Chatham Asset Management during Stephen Harper’s tenure as PM.

Harper relaxed foreign media ownership rules so his friends at Chatham Asset Management could buy the National Post from his friend, Conrad Black. Chatham Asset Management then bought The National Post, later consolidating Sun Media assets into their empire.

They create a TON of seemingly real news on behalf of Post Media’s conservative relationships, and Pierre shares it more than anyone.

They present their conservative “news” stories as “news.” These stories are never “news.” They are heavily biased opinion pieces that dumb Jesus-freaked conservatives eat up like its communion.

Shaking hands with a white nationalist is no biggie for Pierre and the Christian Nationalist Party of Canada, so knowingly disseminating pure disinformation is light work made possible by the Network.

They are all united behind the common goal of taking out a duly elected government voted in (not by me) by most Canadians, which is treasonous.

It’s all coordinated.

They all know each other.

They all want the same thing.

They want to make this country a fucking trailer park of chaos and morning prayers in schools.

It’s what losers do while blaming everyone else for their stupidity. They need help from wherever they can get it because they can’t win on merit.

It’s Pierre’s way of cheating. He’s actively dividing this country with hateful bullshit and fear porn with the help of his Network.

Pierre supports racist hate because he’s one of them.

Pierre supports lies. After all, he’s lying to win because he knows he can’t win based on substance.

With the help of his Network, he at least looks like people like him, which they don’t. They use him to express their hatred as much as he’s using them for personal influence for his Christ-filled masters.

It’s a collection of losers, and I’m here for all of it.


*You might hate that it works, but it does, and these losers are better at it than Liberal losers. Their unelectable and won’t win, but they are good at this. They’ve had 50 years to plan it and have a blueprint from MAGAts, so at the very least, they’re good at copying things.

And there are Liberal losers. This douche is up there.




Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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