Podcast With Daren Millard: Actress Alex Beaton Talks Gross DM’s, Daren And I Fight About William Nylander’s New Deal W Leafs

Dec 1, 2018

Actress Alex Beaton Talks Gross DM’s, Daren And I Fight About William Nylander’s New Deal W Leafse

SKIDOOSH! Today we plowed into a tweet from someone who sent a pic of the MLSE plane on the way to Sweden to pick up Nylander and Daren Isn’t happy with me thinking this is a done deal!

Alex Beaton from the Next Step stops by and talks to us about the #MeToo movement, women in the acting business and her outstanding career so far. She is 23 but her demeanor is years beyond her age.

Dean gets verbally assaulted while trying to get into a parking spot and films the entire thing. You’ve gotta hear this sound bite.


00:00  A bunch of shit to start us off.  Mostly Nylander And The Leaf private jet on the runway at Halifax International Airport.

10:00   There’s a pile of shit on the McDonald’s touch-screen ordering thingy. I tell you why.

20:00  Vince isn’t Chinese.  That much we know

22:00  We meet actor Alex Beaton.  She plays Emily on ‘The Next Step’.  She might also be the most impressive 23-year old I’ve ever met.  Alex is tired of guys calling her a bitch at Tim Hortons, Doesn’t want DM’s with your feet or weiners and what it’s like for female actors to deal with creepy old pricks to land roles.  Super interesting and a very real connection to the #metoo movement

27:00   Daren and I try our hand at actin with Alex.  Daren playing a stuttering car buyer might be the best thing I’ve ever heard.

41:00   Alex takes us through the TV shows and Movie’s she’s been in.  Remember 300?  In it.

50:00  I was brutally attacked over a parking spot and recorded it.  We played the audio and talk about how the EFF people get so pissy over parking spots.

Booooooomski.  Have a great weekend.



Dean Blundell

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