Did you get a transformer toy that actually transforms with AI for xmas?

brentonontour Dec 27, 2022

How rad is this? On the latest episode of the Kids on the Escalator Podcast, “Some Gadget Guy” Juan Bagnell (One of the best product review youtube channels in the land BTW) joined the hosts for their annual “It came from the Basement” retro memorabilia show and showed off one of the coolest toys ever!

That’s right, it’s an AI-controlled Optimus Prime that actually transforms, speaks to you, listens to commands and so much more! This would be one of the coolest gifts of all time for any age (until it joins the rise of the machines) and eventually wipes us all off the planet!

Also in this episode, we had appearances from all kinds of people from the network and beyond showing off some really cool things from their basements and collections. Click below to watch the full episode or HERE to listen.



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