Does This Look Like A Guy Who Dunked His “Testicles In A Customer’s Salsa?”

Feb 27, 2019

Source: Tennessee man is facing felony charges for allegedly placing his private parts in someone’s food.

Howard Matthew Webb, 31, is accused of dipping his testicles into a low-tipping customer’s salsa, according to The Daily Times.

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He was a passenger in a car delivering a meal from a Mexican restaurant.

Maryville police officers Friday night arrested Webb after the Dinner Delivered service alerted them to a video that appeared to show someone tampering with food, The Daily Times reported.

The act was allegedly recorded by the delivery driver and posted online with a woman’s voice saying, “This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive.”

Webb’s felony charge is “adulteration of food, liquids, or pharmaceuticals,” which carries a possible sentence of three to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, according to The Daily Times.

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That’s awesome.

This is why you always, and I mean ALWAYS tip well.  I don’t care if the delivery driver comes in and impregnates your wife, always tip well.  Especially if that delivery driver has a vagrant 30-year-old buddy who’s on a Mexican food delivery ride along ‘For Fun’.

Must be a nice place to be in life.

Speaking of testicle dunking, Howard faces up to 7 years in jail.

Bonus blog with some words of wisdom from life itself.  You’re welcome.  Go Leafs.

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