Does This Look Like A Guy Who Punched Someone’s Eye Out Of Their Head ??

Apr 28, 2019
Justin Wesley Leverett, 37, of Mobile, is charged with first-degree assault in the attack, which police officials said occurred around 2:20 p.m. Saturday.

“During an argument, the suspect punched the victim in the face causing his eye to pop out of its socket,” a post on the Mobile Police Department’s Facebook page said. “The suspect then punched the eyeball, causing it to explode.”

they explode.

FUUUCK.  That sounds like it hurts so goddamned bad.  And the answer is, yes.  He does look like he punches eyes until they explode.

So did Kimbo Slice and this is what that looks like. (It’s really gross)

Do you have any idea how merciless you have to be to put a guys eye out, see it, and punch him in that dangling eye exploding it?

It’s a thing I think separates us from psycho’s.  The ability to follow throw with something we might have thought of but never went through with because that would be crazy.  I’d LOOOOVE to choke a couple of people right up to the ‘scare line’ yet I have no desire to take someone’s life.  If I did punch a guy in the face, I would run or call 911 if the poor bastards eye popped out.

Not my man Justin.  Empathy waved bye to him shortly after exiting to the womb.

He should probably leak this to whatever prison he’s going to sooner than later.  And who gives a shit.  Old one eye gets premium parking forever.  Remember, bright side people.  Bright side.

Dean Blundell

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