Dolly Parton’s Next Adventure

Joe Williamson Mar 12, 2022

This past week Dolly Parton released “Run, Rose, Run” which she co-authored with prolific writer James Patterson about an apsiring country music singer trying to outrun her past.

First, she was an investor in a vaccine that helped save the world and now she’s got the number 1 book on Amazon. Needless to say she’s been pretty busy the last couple of years. Kinda makes the bread I learned how to bake seem insignifanct. Oh, and she also released an accompanying album, because she had some free time.

Back in 2018 Patterson released a novel that he co-authored with Bill Clinton “The President is Missing” that I scooped up and enjoyed, but didn’t love. Truthfully, not even one I would recommend. BUT I will still be falling for this obvious marketing trap and be gleefully reading about Rose, and if I’m being honest, I’ll probably buy the album too. Who doesn’t love Dolly?

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Joe Williamson

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