Don’s Picks: NFL Conference Championships

Jan 20, 2019

Progress. Slow and steady progress. I started the playoffs with a 1-3 start. This past week I went 2-2. Playoffs are hard. To be honest with you I might be picking more with my heart than with my brain. I’m likely going to do it again this week. Because F@#% the Patriots and F@#% Tom Brady.

DON’S PICKS: NFL Conference Championships


Rams vs. Saints
Patriots vs. Chiefs


Rams vs. Saints

I want to pick the Rams. That’s what my heart is screaming. But it’s the playoffs and the Saints are at home. They were also clearly the best team in football this season. I also called a Chiefs vs. Saints Super Bowl in Week 11. So I feel like I should stick to my gut. I mean, I was pretty good through the regular season, so I must be right. Right?

Patriots vs. Chiefs

Let me start by saying F@#% the Patriots. I feel like that’s important. I’m picking the Chiefs for a lot of reasons, bias included, a lot of bias included. I want to see Andy Reid win a Super Bowl. He’s been one of the best head coaches in the NFL for 20 years. He’s won a lot of football games but has never won the big game. He more than anyone deserves to win it this year. Did I say F@#% the Patriots? Again, I feel like that’s really important. I’ve also been a huge Patrick Mahomes nut hugger all season. Earlier in the season I also said that the Chiefs were going to win the Super Bowl. So once again. I feel like I should ride that wave till the end. I had a really good season. Why mess with a winning ticket?


Prove it

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