Don’s Picks: Week 11

Nov 15, 2018

What the F@#% happened? Eight-and-six? Really? How did some of these teams win this week? I mean the Browns, Bills, Titans, and Cowboys won. I shouldn’t even have to explain the Browns. They played the Falcons. All I’m left with is WOW. The Bills beat the Jets 41-10 with a quarterback who signed last week and is on his seventh NFL team. The Titans dummied the Patriots. And the Cowboys have been a cold turd all season. F@#%ERY I SAY, F@#%ERY.


Le’Veon Who?

The Steelers are as real as it gets. Le’Veon Bell has officially decided to no show the entire 2018 season. Which is perfect since I drafted him first overall in my fantasy football league. So F@#% that guy. But apparently the Steelers players feel the same way also. They raided his locker today after it was confirmed he wasn’t joining the team. They don’t need him. Pittsburgh is 6-2-1 and has the 4th ranked offence in football. They also have this guy named James Conner, who has almost 800 yards and 10 touchdowns in 10 games.

What is happening in New England?

I’m not sure if the Patriots are legitimate Super Bowl contenders or bums. They’ve now lost to both the Lions and Titans this season. They didn’t just lose to those teams, they were embarrassed. I doubt the Patriots are in any real trouble but WTF guys. How do you lose to the Titans? They’re S@#%.

Chiefs vs. Saints Super Bowl?

These are the two best teams in football. The Rams are right up there, but how do you not see both of these teams playing for it all in February? Furthermore; how do you not want to see Mahomes vs. Brees for it all? I know I do. These two quarterbacks are slinging the ball all over the place. Between the two of them, they have a total of 51 passing touchdowns. As a former quarterback I can’t get enough.

Don’s Picks: Week 11

Current Record: 90-56-2

Packers vs. Seahawks
Bengals vs. Ravens
Cowboys vs. Falcons
Buccaneers vs. Giants
Steelers vs. Jaguars
Texans vs. Redskins
Titans vs. Colts
Panthers vs. Lions
Broncos vs. Chargers
Raiders vs. Cardinals
Eagles vs. Saints
Vikings vs. Bears
Chiefs vs. Rams

Games to Watch

Packers vs. Seahawks

Aaron Rodgers. Russell Wilson. Yes please. Neither team plays defence well. Both teams can throw the ball. What more do you want? We should see a lot of touchdowns from both teams. But in shootout, at home, I’m always going to take the home team. Not to mention, Seattle just went toe-to-toe with the high-powered Rams.

 Bengals vs. Ravens

It’s a divisional game. There’s a huge rivalry between these two teams. It’s AFC football at it’s best. Neither team is very good, but both have the pieces to be exciting. I think you’re going to see great defensive football, but enough offence to make it fun. I’m not a fan of a AJ Green-less Bengals. So I’m going with the Ravens at home.

Chiefs vs. Rams

Holy S@#%. This is going to be a game. Offence, offence, offence. You don’t have to know football very well to know there are going to be a lot of points scored. These are two of the three best offences in a football. Neither team has any significant holes on offence. The Rams defence is much better than the Chiefs, but that isn’t stopping me from picking Kansas City. The Chiefs are my Super Bowl pick. Count it.

Think I’m full of S@#%

Prove it

Send me your picks, your thoughts, or whatever nonsense floats around inside that head of yours and tag me in it: @dschram34. Or go to the “Submit your shit” page of the website, and give us your thoughts on this weeks matchups. If it’s legitimate, I promise you Dean will post it.

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