Doug Ford And Ontario PCs Pay Political Actors In Cash And Chicken Wings To Pretend To Be Supporters – I Shit You Not

May 23, 2022

This morning I tweeted about how Doug Ford and the Ontario Conservatives were flooding the digital zone with supportive bots at a record rate to steal another four years from Ontario voters.

It’s called data farming, and it’s not new. Losers and bad actors use data points you and I leave behind when we use the internet to target you with outrage content to bio-hack your vote. They use this strategy to secure/bolster narratives and support where they don’t have any, and it works. Ask Donald Trump, who Doug fucking LOVES.

As a result, my friend Danko Jones replied to the tweet with a story The Star ran on Doug’s newest strategy: Paying actors to pretend they publicly support Doug and Ontario conservatives at rallies in cash and chicken wings.


Nice, huh?

Everything Doug does is a lie.

He’s lying to you with every breath he takes, and he’s doing it with the help of Korey Teneyke, several MSM outlets, and a conservative digital campaign strategy meant to steal this election along with objective reality.

Theocratic business leaders and the construction industry fund it all, and what you’re seeing is a lie meant to perpetuate four more years of theft from Ontario’s marginalized communities.

Please don’t take my word for it. The good people at the National Observer have been telling you about it for four years.

The people are fake.

The politicians are fake, and their intentions are nefarious.

Nothing they say about their level of support is genuine.

At least 70% of their digital support comes from bot accounts.

Most of their rally supporters are paid in cash and chicken wings, which is very natural despite what Doug’s army of valueless serial killers tell you.



PS: big ups to the Toronto Star, kind of. Their new CEO HATES Ford because she’s a covid denier. The end justifies the means.






Dean Blundell

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