Down By Two: Pivoting During the Pandemic

Aug 19, 2022

With 2020 ushering in some of the hardest times mankind had to face, it opened doors that I wasn’t really expecting. And if I’m being honest, shit kind of worked out.

It allowed me to reorganize my life and my priorities. I was lucky enough to buy my first home, join an incredible start-up with and propose to my amazing fiancé. So yea, not too shabby with the world being shut down and all.

Of course though, the good always comes with the bad. Life as a stand-up comedian came to a screeching halt, thus the birth of Zoom comedy shows (gross) and overall mental wellness plummets while in lockdown.

And on top of that, I live in London, Ontario now.

Just kidding, I love London. Don’t talk shit about us. We have great breweries, the world’s longest running ballpark (seriously, look it up) and the London Knights.

Back to comedy, or lack thereof, I needed something to exercise my creative energy during the pandeezy. Without any stages to hash out shitty covid jokes on, there was a void that I desperately needed to fill. So, just like literally every comedian in the world, I decided to start my own podcast.

Problem is, how do I separate myself from every other comedy podcast out there?

Well, instead of teaming up with one of my egotistical comic buddies, I decided to reach out to one of my best pals, someone who has never spoken into a microphone or been on camera and avoids social media at all costs. Mike Fulmer, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is he a hilarious dude, he’s an incredible sports mind, which was going to be our common ground for the show.

And just like that, the ‘Down By Two Podcast’ was born.

Instead of taking the X’s and O’s route, we wanted to talk more about stories in sports, from personal experiences and interviews with interesting people. Problem is, we had no clue how to put this together. I’ve worked on shows in the past but never produced a podcast on my own before and Mike is basically a 30 year-old tech illiterate boomer that would be better off with a flip phone.

Enter Jesse McKay, aka ‘Birdman’. There’s no fucking around with this dude, he’s got some serious talent. He’s been one of my best friends over the years so I know exactly what he’s capable of. Once I pitched Bird, he was immediately in and we haven’t looked back. 

There’s so much more to share about the show and I’ll be sure to break it all down in future posts. Our show is available wherever you get your podcasts so go check us out.

It also goes without saying, we’re fired up to be here on the Dean Blundell Network. We’re working on some great stuff and we’re hella-pumped to share it with all of you.

For now, I’ll leave you with a link to our latest video that we just released on our very green YouTube channel.

Spoiler alert, we’re degenerate gamblers.

Josh Elijah

Touring stand-up comic with Yuk Yuk’s. Host of the ‘Down By Two’ Podcast and ‘DB2 Bets.’ Take him on the over.

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