Drunk Blogging with @LochlinCross: Hug a Leafs fan day!

May 15, 2022

WARNING: This is NOT a gloat piece.

(It’s a gloat piece)


I almost had a seizure in the third during the Oilers’ WIN last night. I had to teach myself not to get too emotional over sporting events. It took years, and I am still not great at it. So, I feel for Leaf fans today.


This year, what annoyed me about Leaf fans was the “We have the greatest player in the league conversation.” You don’t. The best player in the world plays for Edmonton. That is not going to change. And that is not going to change for several years. Does that mean that Merkin Boy isn’t a decent hockey player? NO, he’s deadly with the puck. But he hasn’t figured out how to win in the playoffs. I have some unwelcome news for Leaf fans; it might take some time for your GOAT to figure that out.

McDavid is a player that keeps getting better, and he’s slowly been adapting his game. Our GOAT is going to win a Stanley Cup. He might not win it this year, but it will happen. The Leafs will dismantle your team in the off-season, and your misery will continue. Why do I know this? Because it’s what The Leafs do.

I was cheering for TO yesterday. But I’m conflicted. As much as I wanted to see Canadian teams succeed (minus The Habs, I will ALWAYS cheer against The Habs), watching The Toronto Maple Leafs fail every year and seeing what it does to the fanbase is oddly satisfying. I laughed out loud when the horn went last night. Do not be mad at me; it is kind of funny.

If you are a Maple Leafs fan, get used to this feeling because you will probably die before your team wins a cup.
If you are not a Maple Leafs fan, be kind to the one in your life. Because they are having a dreadful day and they have miserable lives.


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