Drunk Blogging with @LochlinCross: I Got To The Bottom of Why Dean Has Been Missing Friday Shows & The Reason Will Shock You

Mar 27, 2022

A number of people have reached out to me and members of The Dean Blundell Show wondering what the hell is going on with the Friday show. For some reason everyone thought I should be the one to address it.

I would like to start by saying that I think everyone needs to give Dean some time and space right now. The last couple of years haven’t been easy for everyone, and we’re all just trying to cope. Personally, I’m proud of the man. He’s gone through a lot, and when he’s ready to share he will. And when he does, I want you all to be careful with the judgement piece here. Would any of you be willing to share your browser history? I know I wouldn’t!

The fact that Dean Blundell likes to dress up in women’s clothing isn’t going to change how I feel about him, nor should it impact how you feel about him. To be honest…he’s been shopping on Friday’s and learning how to do all the lady stuff you need to do. There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into this kind of thing (from what I’ve been told.) And like I said, when he’s ready to share, he will.

Lochlin Cross

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