Dublin Dave here with a Drake sighting!

David Randell Mar 21, 2019

Howdy Toronto! How is my old stomping ground these days?

I will follow up with a “Who the feck is Dave post” one of these days but for now, you can refer to me as Dublin Dave… the Canadian lost in Ireland.

I thought I would pop in with a bit of news around some dude named Drake?

Confession… no idea who he is! I know, I’m showing my age here. One of the benefits of being based in Ireland is I avoid annoying things from Canada. I get the feeling this dude is annoying at times. He shows up to Raptor games like he owns the club and thinks everyone likes him? Sends awkward messages through Twitter to underlings… (unconfirmed, just comments I saw… so yeah, totally unfounded reporting there… it’s a Blog right?)

I like this report on him from a local news source…

The Canadian’s cultural force is so dominant that he acts as both a transmitter and vacuum, sucking up influences and disseminating them Drake-ified, in meme-friendly, Spotify-conquering, headphone-dominating glory, languid classic after classic, an artist whose only real competitor in pop colossus terms is Beyoncé.

Anywho. This guy Drake is over in Ireland this week to sold-out crowds at the 3Arena for his Assassination Nation Tour. But it is his off day antics that has everyone in a flutter.

Was he exploring the city? Taking in a bit of culture?  Perhaps visiting Dublin Castle? The Jameson Distillery Tour? Guinness Storehouse?

Nope, nope, nope, nope and nope.

Drake decided to spend his first full day in Dublin yesterday in the southern suburb of Tallaght.  Now, to give you an idea of Tallaght, it’s like the Jane and Finch of Dublin. You don’t want the bus to break down there and you NEVER make eye contact with anyone.

Video footage of the Canadian rapper was shared on Twitter yesterday, showing him playing basketball in what most are presuming to be the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght.

And it must have been hungry work as Drake and his entourage made sure to enjoy a good feed afterward.  Dublin is a city overflowing with amazing restaurants, from casual dining to five-star cuisine. So, with an endless list of options available to him, everyone is absolutely loving the fact that Drake reportedly chose to grab a bite at Eddie Rocket’s in The Square in Tallaght.  (Johnny Rockets for the rest of the world… so Irish here.)



So, it wasn’t the famous M50 fat guy burger, but simply a round of milkshakes for him and the lads.

Signed a few autographs… and bellies.

So there you are… up to the minute WORLDWIDE investigative reporting and updating here at deanblundell.com!  Send me comments below… I’d like to hear from you. You even the idiots, you guys are fun.

Back soon with more.

David Randell

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