VIDEO: Edmonton City Hall Shooter’s Manifesto Looks And Sounds EXACTLY Like A Pierre Poilievre Rally Speech

Jan 25, 2024

Bezhani Sarvar is one confused domestic terrorist. Before shooting up Edmonton’s City Hall yesterday, Bezhani, a security guard himself, posted this Manifesto, which has been removed from YouTube.

He sounds like a cross between Pierre Poilievere and Hal Johnson from Body Break. There’s no denying what he went into The Capitol Building in Edmonton to do: Spread the love by shooting innocent people to end the “Wokeism Disease.”

Gee, I wonder where Bezhani got his anger from?

He also repeated every lie Pierre Poilievre has been gaslighting Canadians with for the past two years. From woke agendas to immigration and housing, Bezhani cited every one of PeePee’s gaslighting grievances as his reasoning for shooting up City Hall with Molotov cocktails and semiautomatic weapons yesterday.

Global News: Chief Dale McFee said the Edmonton Police Service received a call about shots fired at city hall at 10:25 a.m. and officers arrived “within minutes” and arrested a man.

“There were no injuries or casualties,” he said.

“We believe this individual acted alone,” McFee said at a 4 p.m. news conference. The police chief stressed there is no indication the shooter had accomplices.

McFee said the suspect came into city hall through the parkade and walked through city hall with a firearm, firing shots and shattering glass, mostly on the second floor.

Click to play video: 'Police say ‘heavily armed’ suspect acted alone in Edmonton city hall shooting'

It appears the suspect was shooting “randomly,” McFee said, not necessarily at people.

“This particular individual is what I would classify as heavily armed,” he said, adding the suspect had incendiary devices that police described as Molotov cocktails. There was some fire damage near an elevator in city hall, McFee said.

Police say ‘heavily armed’ suspect acted alone in Edmonton city hall shooting

An unarmed commissionaire — or city security guard — initially detained the shooter, the police chief said.

“He went above and beyond his job … and for that, we’re grateful,” McFee said. “Any actions this individual took had a great impact on the outcome of this.”

Police officers arrived very quickly after that and checked city hall to make sure there were no other explosives or suspects.

Members of a Global News crew at city hall on Tuesday morning said they and others were put into a lockdown sometime around 10:30 a.m. after several loud bangs were heard. Police confirmed shortly after that they were investigating a “weapons complaint.”

“Police are doing a sweep of city hall,” a police spokesperson said earlier in the morning. “Roadways around city hall have been closed and citizens are asked to avoid the area.”

Emergency crews remained at the building at as of 2:30 p.m.

“The event at city hall is concluding and roadways are being reopened,” the EPS said at the time.

At the 4 p.m. news conference,  McFee said: “The building has been rendered safe.”

Two things: How about the unarmed security guard taking this dweeb out? Incredible. The dude had two semiautomatic rifles (I’m sure he just used them for hunting) and Molotov cocktails for this “mission.”  The security guard had a pad of paper and a pen. Holy shit, Poilievre terrorists suck at their job.

And Bezhani is a homegrown Poilievre terrorist radicalized by the man and this rhetoric:

More intelligent people than me have been warning us about this for years. The shift of anger to action by a group of young men whose brains have been warped by a steady stream of lies and gaslighting people with mushy brains like Bezhani. This is a direct result of the constant hate-fueled messaging of politicians and their fake media partners like Rebel News, True North, and Canada Proud. They constantly vilify ‘woke-ism’ as the reason they can’t afford rent, have to work for 8 hours, and have been told to fight ‘woke-ism’ for a better future by #MapleMAGA’s own Pierre Poilievre. The same Poilievre who wants other mushy pea-brained ‘victims’ to take up arms against his political enemy(s).

The same guy who mocked a sikh heckler getting beat at his rally in BC the other day is the same guy who stokes the fires of stochastic terror for INCELS like Bezhani.

Pierre is lucky no one was injured or killed yesterday, but this is going to be a central talking point and a political nightmare for him and his party, and it should be.

This was an attack inspired by political rhetoric, lies, gaslighting, rage-farming, and misinformation/disinformation funneled through assholes like Danielle Smith and Pierre Polievere. This young man thinks progressives are to blame for his unhappiness because he’s been told so by Pierre Poilievre, Canada Proud, True North, and a bazillion bots and trolls paid to radicalize him into warring against their political enemies.

It worked.

Dude doesn’t seem mentally or emotionally compromised in his Manifesto. Other than confusing love with bullets, he’s pretty clear about his “mission” and ending this “woke disease” responsible for “all the wars, immigration, and housing.”

He’s stupid, and he’s clearly a victim, and he clearly states almost every single Poilievre and Danielle Smith faux outrage grievance as the reason for his “Mission.”

I mean, you can TRY to separate political messaging as a reason for this terror attack. Still, you’d have to be a complete moron or biased angry conservative victim who’s trying to protect Dear Leader PeePee.

It’s a tough day for Canada’s gun lobby, too. I’m not sure how they’ll spin an unhinged domestic terrorist with semiautomatic weapons being allowed to roam around city hall while spraying the place with bullets, but they’ll try. They’ll probably get an assist from PeePee and Smith this week, who’ll blame “Mental Illness” instead of themselves, lies, political rhetoric, and guns. I always appreciate a great pivot away from community safety and responsibility in Politics. That response will just be another indicator of how little Pierre and the gun lobby give a shit about human life and the safety of Canadians as long as they get to keep their Ar-15s for “skeet shooting” and personal protection.

Take a bow, PeePee. You’re officially the leader of #MapleMAGA. Applaud your boy, Bezhani. And Welcome to your new normal, Canada.



Dean Blundell

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