Elon Musk Is Choosing Violence On Twitter

Apr 23, 2022

This is probably why Twitter told Elon to pound salt with his 43 billion dollar takeover bid.  This, and all those receipts from those German orgies.

This has got to be spectrum-related.  Elon has Asperger’s and admits he can’t control certain actions or his behavior when it comes to processing stupid emotional decisions from time to time.  Like impregnating Grimes, and offering to buy Twitter as a revenge play.  Or in this case, body shame one of the smartest people to ever walk this planet “Just Cuz”.

In typical Elon fashion, he then projected his ‘victim’ thought process for brownie points from his crypto bro base because that was the whole point anyway.

I try to separate Elon’s inability to self-regulate from his intentions and it’s getting harder.  It seems like the focus of Elon’s attention has more to do with swinging his 280 billion dollar dick around than changing the landscape of space travel and internet access.  He’s done that already.  He climbed those revolutionary mountains and now he’s here to have some fun and isn’t that how we all dream of doing life?

Grow up, get an education, make BILLIONS so you can use that money to leverage a life of doing whatever the fuck you want?  Don’t ALL of us have the same autonomous dream that comes with the kind of money and influence Elon Musk currently enjoys?

The REAL issue?  Bill Gates asked Elon Musk to help him with a philanthropic project to help feed hungry people around the world.


CNBC: In a tweet on Friday, the Tesla CEO admitted that he asked Gates if he was short-selling shares of the electric carmaker. When investors short a stock, they are betting that the price of the asset will fall.

“I heard from multiple people at TED that Gates still had half billion short against Tesla, which is why I asked him, so it’s not exactly top secret,” Musk said in the tweet.

He was responding to a Twitter user’s question on whether a screengrab of a supposed text conversation between the two billionaires was real.

The Tesla chief’s response was: “Yeah, but I didn’t leak it to NYT. They must have got it through friends of friends.”

In the text exchange, which couldn’t be independently verified by CNBC, Musk asked Gates: “Do you still have a half billion dollar short position against Tesla?”

To which Gates replied: “Sorry to say I haven’t closed it out. I would like to discuss philanthropy possibilities.”

Musk shot back: “Sorry, I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously when you have a massive short position against Tesla, the company doing the most to solve climate change.”

Elon KINDA has a point here.  Gates has a short position with Tesla, betting on lower stock prices.  Bill seemed to indicate in their exchange he’d be willing to talk about the short position provided Elon consider joining him to explore philanthropic possibilities but Bill is smarter than Elon so he didn’t have to say it.

Elon actually makes a valid point – “Hey fuckface.  I’m responsible for phasing out fossil fuels so don’t try to use those Jedi mind tricks on me.”

Most people would just let sleeping dogs lie and work toward a viable solution.  Elon continued to negotiate with Bill by calling him a fatass on Twitter.

Elon is playing a dangerous game for a guy who’s ALSO carrying some extra weight AND wearing someone else’s hair.

Those in glass houses, bro.





Dean Blundell

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