Elon Musk Suspended Alexei Navalny’s Widow From Twitter Because Putin, Brah

Feb 20, 2024

Let this “sink in”.

Russian cops are currently beating the shit out of anyone who’s showing support for Navalny anywhere in Russia. Estimates are 7k Russian Navalny supporters over the past five days – those are Russian estimates, so that number is higher than 7k. Elon bought Twitter for Russia and the MAGAts, so OF COURSE, Elon suspended Navalny’s widow, who keeps pumping out ‘I’m coming for you, Putin” videos.

According to Sky News, it is not clear why Navalnaya’s account was suspended, and her latest posts were demands to the Russian government to return her late husband’s body.

The account was suspended for roughly an hour, though as of this writing, it appears to be back online.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has a long history of attacking American foreign policy when it comes to aiding Ukraine in its war against Russia, although it’s not known at this point if Musk had any role in the decision to suspend Navanaya’s account.

The death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has further diminished a rapidly shrinking Russian opposition, which has seen its members assassinated, sentenced to lengthy prison terms or forced into exile as Russian President Vladimir Putin makes it clear he will not tolerate challenges to his regime.

It was widely feared that Alexei Navalny was risking his life by positioning himself as Putin’s most vocal critic in an increasingly repressive Russia, even challenging him for the presidency in 2018.

Navalny narrowly survived being poisoned with novichok – a group of nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union – in 2020 and spent months recuperating in Germany. He earned admiration from Russia’s disparate opposition for voluntarily returning to Russia the following year.

His death comes just a day before the official launch of campaigning ahead of a new round of presidential elections set for March 15-17.

So Awesome. I love how transparent Elon is becoming. It’s SO easy to see the “whys” behind his actions.

Why did he buy Twitter?



a recent report said 76% of all Twitter traffic during the Super Bowl was “inorganic.”  Fake. Bots. Paid for. Bullshit. One can only assume the timing of Elon’s purchase before the war in Ukraine wasn’t a coincidence either. Bot traffic and ‘inorganic” traffic on Twitter have gone up by a factor of 10 in the time Elon has owned this platform, and roughly 80% of his followers have less than five followers and no tweets.

Every piece tells the story of collusion and a plan to collude with authoritarian regimes like Russia and China and the MAGAts/#MapleMAGATs who are trying to amplify exclusionary authoritarian content while silencing those who share progressive, accountable democratic values and natural consequences.

Elon banned Liam Nissan this week for mocking his backward cowboy hat stunt at the border, so he’s thin-skinned and a total pussy. But he also likes licking the undercarriage of elites running authoritarian countries because he needs access to their population, airspace, and phones.

Navalny’s widow being blocked was just a temporary Hat Tip to Putin and the organization he started in 2014. MAGA.

Elon doesn’t give a fuck about Putin murdering political opponents as long as he can still sell Starlink Units and Teslas in countries run by those murderous regimes.

It’s pretty fucking obvious he’s a threat to global security at this point.

BTW, Putin wasn’t content with just murdering Alexei Navalny – his younger brother has now gone missing, and Navalny’s mother would like the bodies of her two sons back now, Elon. Maybe you can tell Putin on your call with him today…




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