ESPN’s Lone Canadian Adnan Virk Fired For Leaking Private ESPN Info

Feb 4, 2019

Source:  ESPN rising star Adnan Virk has been fired by the network, sources told The Post.

Virk is accused of leaking confidential company information to the media on multiple occasions, according to sources.

When ESPN investigated the allegations, it felt that Virk failed to fully cooperate.

He recently signed a new multi-year contract.

“Adnan Virk no longer works at ESPN,” ESPN vice president Josh Krulewitz told The Post.

Virk could not immediately be reached for comment. CAA, Virk’s agency, declined comment.

On Friday, Virk was escorted off the Bristol campus. The specific nature of the information Virk chose to share is unknown at this time.

Virk, 40, attended college in Toronto. He grew up in Canada after he emigrated from Pakistan. After a TV career in Canada, he joined ESPN, where his likable personality and smooth delivery quickly saw him rise up in the company.

Like all ESPN/Disney employees, Virk was required annually to take compliance training dealing with privacy and how to handle sensitive information.

Former Leaf and Hockey analyst Mike Johnson was fired from Sportsnet for something similar at years ago leaking a private phone number for a company conference call to a Toronto sports blog site so they could listen in on what they could never do for a living.  One of my old bosses used to do the same thing and was promoted instead of fired so I’m assuming he wasn’t caught.

The one thing you can’t do at a major company (other than sexual assault people) is leak, info, trade secrets, planning, financials, etc.  Especially companies who take their brand more seriously than people.

Still, If Adnan knew what he was doing was wrong, and against company policy, Adnan fucked up.  Huge.  He was like ESPN’s Matt Stairs on his way to becoming an all-star, and he fucking blew it.

I like Adnan.  A lot.  I think he’s one of our best broadcasting exports and wishes him the best of luck, but I can tell you he’s waking up this morning wondering why he bothered with everything he’s built throughout 20 plus years in ruins.

He was supposed to be on an upcoming Podcast, so I’m guessing that’s off for a while.

In a shrinking industry, he’s hardpressed to land on his feet again too.  Maybe keep that in mind the next time you think it’s an excellent Idea to share private company info.  Unless your boss is a dick and you don’t care.  Then share away.

ESPN just got a little whiter too.  Right up America’s ally.





Dean Blundell

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