Fairytales, Sex, Murder, and Strippers – The Wolf Among Us

BRADYTVOfficial Jan 21, 2022

Once upon a time, but much darker

Remember the show “Once Upon A Time“? The show that was great until it wasn’t? The premise of the show was simple enough. A bunch of fairytale characters had been brought to our world and were now (for the most part) living out normal everyday lives. There was of course some mystery and plot-twists that went along with it, but that the basic synopsis.

The Wolf Among Us takes this idea and infuses is with all of the things you don’t want your kids to see. In this game, you play as The Big Bad Wolf turned sheriff who must solve a case involving sex-workers, decapitation, embezzlement, and much more.

Seriously not for kids…

I’ve played a lot of games on my gaming YouTube channel – BRADYTVGames, and often in those games there is a lot of violence, blood, and swearing. I don’t exaggerate at all though when I say that this game is the closest I’ve come to wondering if the content was even suitable to post at all. If you fall under the “faint of heart” category, then BUYER BEWARE. I’ve never spent this much time censoring topless cartoon characters…

Watch me play

If naked cartoons and all other kinds of debauchery sounds right up your alley, but maybe you’re not into playing games yourself, that’s ok – I played it for you.

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