Fantasy Football 101: Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill

May 2, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs shocked the NFL world when they traded their star wide receiver to the Miami Dolphins for a plethora of draft picks. Hill will be teaming up with Jaylen Waddle and try to make a splash in the AFC East. 

This isn’t meant to sound disrespectful but Tua Tagovailoa is a downgrade at quarterback when you’re moving on from Patrick Mahomes. Mike McDaniel has a great offensive mind, but Hill just left Andy Reid who is known as the best offensive head coach in the NFL. So is it worth drafting Tyreek Hill for your fantasy team?

Many people will tell you that Hill had a down year in 2021, and yet he still landed in the top ten in all four major receiving categories. I hate to harp on this, but he did this with Patrick Mahomes, Hill was also the number one target in Kansas City. Playing in Miami Hill will have to share catches with Waddle and tight end Mike Gesicki. I do expect his number to drop a little, however don’t I expect a major dip in numbers.

The grades are fitting for an elite receiver. What caught my eye was his 70.3 in rushing. There are running backs in the NFL who are considered good backs that have grades in the low 70’s. His receiving grade is what you want to see in a top receiver. So far Hill’s traditional stats and his analytics are a good sell, but the next category is where it gets exciting.

Mike McDaniel is coming from San Francisco where he coached Deebo Samuel. McDaniel has already said that he wants to use Tyreek Hill the way they use Deebo in the 49ers offense. The fact that Hill averaged more than 10-yards per carry is the icing on the cake. Granted he stays healthy, anything he may lose in receiving-yards, Hill will make up for running the football. 

FanstasyPros has Hill ranked as the 27th ranked fantasy player overall. That means in most ten team leagues Hill would project to be drafted in the third or fourth round. If I have one of the top picks in the third round I wouldn’t let Hill slip by. With McDaniel at the helm, I expect Hill to have a big fantasy season.

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