Fantasy Football 101: Rams’ Matthew Stafford was the only QB with 50 passing TDs last season

May 22, 2022

Fantasy football drafts are coming fast and furious, and that’s leaving fantasy owners trying to figure out who they should take at quarterback. Los Angeles Rams’ Matthew Stafford is one of the most interesting candidates on the market. He’s coming off a huge season that saw him and the Rams win the Super Bowl. But does that mean he’s the best choice for fantasy?

In this video, I explain why I believe there are better options than Stafford when choosing your next quarterback. If you were just trying to build a team to win the Super Bowl, then Stafford is your guy. So don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying Stafford is a bad quarterback. I’m just saying that there are better fantasy options. Guys like Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott are better second tier quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford.

Watch the video and hear all the reasons I won’t be drafting Mathew Stafford this season.

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